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International Inspection Services Ltd.
PO Box: 41227 
Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates
International Inspection Services Ltd. (Inspec), is a multifaceted service
organization providing high quality inspection services within the Middle East
since 1993. It is engaged predominantly in the supply of inspection personnel
and equipment heat treatment and Non Destructive Testing Services to the oil,
gas, district cooling and other infrastructure projects such us desalination &
energy industries, mainly within the U.A.E, Oman, Bahrain. It has been sourced
to perform works within some other Middle Eastern and African Countries.

Services provided, but not limited to, are Third Party Inspection, inspection of
pipeline welds by Automated External Ultrasound TOFD/Phased array systems,
Tank Floor Mapping and API 510, 650/653 surveys, Thermography, Positive
Material, Identification, B Scan ultrasonic, ACFM, Acoustic Emmision, Heat
Treatment using both electrical and L.P.G high velocity combustion methods.

International Inspection Services Ltd. (INSPEC) is registered in the Isle of Man
and operates mainly within the U.A.E through its branch office in Dubai and that
of a local sponsor, Al Makamin Commercial Projects Est., in the Emirate of Abu
Dhabi. Inspec is however opening a new branch in the Abu Dhabi Emirate within
the Month of April/May 2008 at Sharjah Branch is due to open at the end of the

The business activities of Inspec fall into three broad categories namely:
Non Destructive Testing which includes:
Ultrasonic, Gamma and Xray radiography(SE 75, Ir 192) and Magnetic
particle/Dye penetrant Inspections.
Holiday Testing, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Vacuum Test

Heat Treatment which includes:
Electrical resistance
High velocity gas techniques
Refractory dry out and curing
Sale and hire of equipment

Specialized Inspection Services
Eddy Current & IRIS Tube Inspection System
High Temperature Endoscopy
Thermographic Services
Tank Floor Testing Corrosion Surveys, floor mapping (M.F.L. and B scan
Positive material identification (PMI), on site locations
Ultrasonic Mapping Technique/ Testing of Bolts + Thread Ends/Turbine Rotors
Rope Access Service (No Scaffolding)
Phased Array / TOFD
Long Range thickness/corrosion measurement on pipe lines (wave maker)
X-Ray and Gamma Ray Pipeline crawler inspection systems
C.C.T.V. robotics on pipeline and turbine (intrinsically safe for 4 inch to 42 inch
Acoustic Emission

Marine Services (Ultrasonic Thickness Survey )
Bulk Carriers
Drilling Rigs
Cargo Vessels
Supply Vessels

Marine Ultrasonic Thickness Survey APPROVED BY
Lloyds (Grade 1)
ABS - American Bureau of Shipping
DNV - Det Norske Veritas
GL - Germanischer Lloyd
NK - Nippon Kanji Kyokai
RINA - Registro Italiano Navale
KR - Korean Register of Shipping (Sanki)
BKI - Biro Klasifik Indonesia (Sanki)

Inspection service which includes:
Client representation
Quality assurance and quality control
Third party inspection.
Supply of Inspector (QA/QC, Welding and Painting)
Weld inspection (Certification of welders )
Storage tank calibration (laser and strapping methods)
Storage Tank Services (verticality, leveling, thickness gauging)
API certified engineers (A.P.I. 653 and 510 inspectors)
Regional Overseas Third Party Inspection
Mistras Group