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Axis Inspection Ltd.
Contact: Srinivas Budde
Baghlaf Industrial Area, Azizia P.O. Box 70401
Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia 31952
Phone: 00 966 13 8903018
Fax: 00 966 13 865 1318
Keywords: Inspection, NDT, Industrial Services, Mettallurgy Services, Industrial Coating
AXIS Inspection Ltd. headquartered at Al-Khobar, K.S.A.
is an ISO
9001:2008 certified company which provides NDT and
Inspection Services to
Saudi Arabian Oil and Gas, petrochemical, power
generations, Saline Water
Conversion Corporations plants, Saudi Electricity Company

Our well qualified and experienced Technical Staff
equipped with state of the art
equipment can execute all the Advanced as well as
Conventional NDT Jobs and
can perform Inspection Services. Also we have well
experienced team to execute
On-Stream-Inspection Services for various petrochemical
installations. Also we are diversifying our operations
with addition of Industrial Services like, Mettallurgy
Services, Hydrojetting Services, Industrial Coating
Services etc.

AXIS Inspection is recognized for its commitment in
delivering its
services in a timely manner and maintain quality output
in meeting clientˇ¦s
confidence and satisfaction at all times. Contact us at :
Axis-inspection .com

Exchanger Tube Inspection;
MFL Tank Bottom Floor Testing;
AUT of Pipeline Girth welds;
Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD);
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT);
Long Range Pipeline Inspection;
Small Proximity Radiography Exposure (SPRE)
(Radiography with small control Area);
Acoustic Emission;
Remote Videoscopy Inspection;
Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT)Conventional NDT;
Radiography Testing (RT);
Ultrasonic Testing (UT);
Magnetic Particle Testing (MT);
Penetrant Testing (PT;)
Inspection Services;
Complete T & I Support;
On Stream Inspection;
Project Inspection;
Vendor Inspection & Expediting;
Training & Consultancy;
Positive Material Identification (PMI).
Sensor Networks