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We introduce support starting from engineering, procurement and construction for your project expansion followed by commissioning services and continues our support during operation from maintenance and modification services with technical support.

We have flexible contractual frames to introduce our services with competent skilled
Engineers and Technicians provision

EL-CANAL is providing QA/QC, safety services, Welding Inspection, Advanced NDT, quality control services.

We provide NDT/Welding Inspection Training and Certification to internationally recognized certification scheme and employer based scheme.
We also provide in-house NDT Training tailored to meet client requirements.

The mission of our Quality Assurance Department is to obtain the ISO established standards of quality, and for the development and application of the systems and procedures necessary to meet or exceed the quality requirements of all customers.

The company is thoroughly conversant with all of the relevant major standards including API, ASTM, ASME, DIN, BS, AWS, Lloyds Register specification ABS Europe rules and G.L.

1. (NDT Testing method)

Our NDT Section is a group of engineers, consultants and technicians dedicated to the development and successful implementation of the full spectrum of non-destructive testing.
Non-destructive testing can be used preventively and to improve safety:

Can be performed without production interruptions
Often quickly to prepare and easy to carry out
Provides precise documentation for compliance with quality requirements
Complies with current standards and regulatory requirements.
Cost savings and safety assurance on industrial plant maintenance
Problem solving by qualified engineers

We provide an extensive range of third party vendor inspection related services to engineering and procurement clients on a global basis. Qualified personnel offer experience in supplier assessments, inspection, expediting, project personnel outsourcing, destructive and non-destructive testing and coordination. This helps customers to reduce costs whilst adhering to technical and commercial requirements.

The service aims to control, at the premises of the manufacturer or sub contractor, the quality of workmanship and the conformity of the manufacture equipment with the purchase specification.

We can perform qualified welder and tech. as well as necessary tools with equipment to cover wide range of welding work.
Destructive testing
Weldability study
Make and review welding procedure qualifications WPS and PQR as per applicable code and standards
Witness the procedure qualification records PQR
Witness welders performance qualifications WPQ
Perform the welding inspection as third part and /or client representative
Issue reports of the performed inspection

Technical Support Services

Vision: Customer needs services companies which may satisfy its desires and they are looking for company which may answer this, El Canal adjust itself to be one of these companies with providing services which is rare sector .

Mission: Provide high quality service with low price .

1. Welding electrode qualifications and selections according to the codes and standards:

 Perform tests (chemical & mechanical) on the welding electrodes/filler wire via welding operations according to the codes and the standards.
 Welding electrode qualification record according to the results from the welding specimens.
 Technical support for the welding electrode selection tenders.
 Publishing the technical papers about the welding electrode qualifications and selections and it will be cooperation between the customer and the office.

2. Technical support for the welding techniques selection and repair procedures :

types of welding techniques Training courses for welders and technicians.
Welding codes and standards training courses for engineers and technicians.
Codes, standards and quality control, quality assurance training courses for engineers.
Technical consulting services and equipments supplying during the projects .
 Quality control and quality assurance services during the projects.

3. Technical and scientific cooperation in the projects:

 Sharing the results of the procedure qualification record of the testing specimen and publishing technical papers about this tests
 Technical support for the trouble shooting in the projects
 Perform Qualification record procedures for the welding electrodes and the material
 Supply the qualified engineers and technicians
 Perform the Welder qualification tests (WQT) and the welding procedure qualification records (PQR) operation.
 Perform the welding inspection and technical support as third part and /or client representative

Special repair & hard facing tech.

as applied to welding technology, refers to the deposition of a filler metal on a base metal (substrate) to impart some desired property to the surface that is not intrinsic to the underlying base metal.

There are several types of Surfacing:
Hard facing, buildup, weld cladding, and buttering.

Special repair or dissimilar metal joining:
Because various portions of a process system operate at different service conditions, different structural alloys are used in the design, and hence, dissimilar-metal welded joints may be required. Many factors must be considered when welding dissimilar metals, and the development and qualification of adequate procedures for the various metals and sizes of interest for a specific application must be undertaken.

So, EL-CANAL provides the technical support for the previous operations in the following :

Welding electrode qualifications and selections according to study case.
Technical support for the welding techniques selection and repair procedures.
Equipments and man power supplying during the repair projects.

With a guarantee form with renewal each six month with inspection from the office with a technical report contains an inspections methods which applied during the repair operation
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