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We provide non-destructive testing and inspection services through our over 80
locations within North America and offering extended services throughout the
world, both directly and through a series of global partnerships. Acuren employs
over 3,500 dedicated professionals, supporting the mechanical integrity and
inspection programs of the world’s largest industrial firms including petroleum
refinery, pipeline, power generation, pulp & paper, pharmaceutical, aerospace
and automotive.

Acuren is a part of Rockwood Service Corporation, an organization committed to
continuous quality improvement and to the ongoing development of the state-
of-the-art of inspection, testing and related engineering services. Together
with Hellier, Sperry, and RAT, Acuren provides an unrivaled spectrum of
capabilities; each business unit committed to repeatable, reliable service.
Committed to delivering A Higher Level of Reliability – both recognizing we can
continue to improve, while at the same time setting the standard for industry
performance and competence.

Our formula is straightforward: be capable locally, with certified and well-
equipped personnel supported by trained, experienced supervisors. Local
competence is further supported by a corporate commitment to exceptional
service, with subject-matter experts, management systems, and best-available
technology to assure that the efforts we provide locally represent our best efforts
globally. We continue to build on our strong heritage of safety, quality and
professionalism. We strive to maintain incident free work environments, to
pursue advanced technical developments, and to support reliability programs
that are expected and valued by our employees and clients.

Acuren provides the full spectrum of NDT/NDE methods, from the traditional to
the most advanced, in accordance with industry, government, military, code
authority and client requirements.

These methods provide the basis for most inspections of industrial
infrastructure, safety critical parts, and fabricated components.

We believe the successful execution of these services results from:

Well trained technicians that understand both the method of inspection and the
nature of the environment they are working.

Subject matter experts that can support technicians with a broad base of
knowledge and experience.

An understanding of relevant procedures, industry codes and standards that
prescribe how inspections are to be performed and/or special considerations to
be employed.

Equipment that is up-to-date, properly calibrated and equipped for the material
to be examined.

Safe work practices controlling the execution of the work and a safety culture
that ensures the practices are followed.

A quality system that works to standardize the execution of the service with
consistently repeatable results.

Acuren’s NDT/NDE services are supported by an organization with
comprehensive programs for safety, technical training, quality, subject experts,
and information management systems that are detailed throughout our site.

Inspections for tanks, pressure vessels and piping infrastructure are generally
conducted pursuant to standards promulgated by the American Petroleum
Industry (API). Additionally, API provides guidance in the form of recommended
practices, technical publications and reports that cover each segment of the
industry. Collectively, these materials represent the collective wisdom and best
operating practices of the industry.

API’s certification program qualifies personnel that, as a result of their industry
experience, training and demonstrated expertise, are qualified to conduct
periodic inspections and investigate abnormalities in the operation of covered

Acuren provides API inspectors with extensive experience in refinery, pulp &
paper, chemical and other operations.
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