Sonotec Application Notes
Innerspec Technologies
Contact: Frank Weinmeister
PO BOX 369 2940 Perrowville Road
Forest VA Virginia
United States 24551
Phone: 434-948-1301
Tags: EMAT, UT, NDT, PowerBox H, Ultrasound, Vision Inspection, Flaw Detector, Weld Inspection, Pipeline Inspection, Pipe Inspection, Plate Inspection, Tailor Welded Blanks, TWB
Keywords: EMAT, UT, NDT, Non Destructive Testing, PowerBox H, Ultrasound, Vision Inspection, Pipe Inspection, Weld Inspection, Tube Inspection, TWB, Tailor Welded Blanks, Corrosion Detection, Boiler Tubes, Corrosion
Innerspec is a manufacturer of Non-Destructive Testing solutions using our own proprietary technology.

Our products include integrated systems for manufacturing plants, and portable solutions for in-service applications. Innerspec pioneered commercial applications of Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducers (EMAT) in the mid-90s becoming the world leader in this technology with hundreds of systems installed worldwide. More recently, we have added other techniques to our portfolio to serve our customers with all their advanced non-destructive testing needs.

Innerspec is headquartered in Forest, Virginia (USA) with an unmatched team of researchers, development engineers, customer support specialists and technicians dedicated to design and support our products and services. Our offices in the United States, Mexico, Europe and China along with representatives around the globe provide commercial and technical support with factory trained personnel.