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Saimax Products Inc
Contact: 2488534111
3345, Auburn Road, Suite 201, Rochester Hills, MI 48309, USA
MI Michigan
United States
Saimax produces a range of adhesive products used to turn the vehicle into new condition. These adhesives are specially formulated to repair all types of automotives. Different products that the company offers are listed below
Thread lockers
Epoxy Seam Sealers
Metal Bonding Adhesives
Plastic Bonding Adhesives
Retaining Compounds
Thread Sealants
Instant Adhesives
Liquid Gasket
Brakes and Parts Cleaner
Rearview Mirror Adhesive
Silicone Spray Lybricant
Saimax automotives repair adhesive products are sold globally and the company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified with sell a wide range of products for leading original equipment manufacturers from all over the world. The company offers rich quality products to maintain its strong reputation.
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