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Janesville United States 53547
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JG Innovations, Inc. is the #1 source for USA made steel
soffit systems. Our full-line of products are suitable for
every concealment application. The Soffi-Steel® System
possesses the unique CON-SEAL-IT™ caulk-retaining groove
that provides a tightly-sealed system, and is produced from
A60/G90 galvannealed steel. This reliable and simplistic
enclosure is both FM Approved and UL Listed. The Interlock™
Concealment System is much the same as the Soffi-Steel®
System, with a few modifications for the purpose of even
greater economy and carries the FM Approval. Our custom-
fabricated soffit is available in a variety of shapes and
sizes to accommodate your individual enclosure requirements.

Our concealment systems are available in Paintgrip (treated
for painting), Stainless Steel or Aluminum .050 and are
available in light to heavy duty gauges such as 24, 22, 20,
18, 16 and 14 gauges. Standard available profiles include L-
Shield and U-Shield, however custom concepts such as crown
molding, J-Shield and slope top are available. Our
concealment systems are fabricated to the size you need. Let
us know your dimensions and we'll fabricate it to your

We take pride in the system design and integrity and back
our products with a 10-year limited warranty. We are
confident that both you and your client will be fully
Custom fabricator of metal concealment systems made from sheet
metal & aluminum. Products include architectural, aesthetic,
commercial & security interior soffits, soffit enclosures,
column covers, security ceilings, wall panel systems &
decorative panels. Interior soffits available in various
silhouettes including L, J, U, bow, crown molding, slope top &
soft edge shield. Applications include student housing, K-12
educational facilities, foster & detention facilities, housing
authority projects, nursing homes, hospitals, residential
retrofits, jails, prison & psychiatric wards. Custom color
shades are also available. Fifteen years warranty