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Applus RTD
Contact: Jodi Roach
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Houston TX Texas
United States 77031
Phone: 832-295-5000
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Applus RTD is a leading global energy service provider, delivering technical
assurance through non-destructive testing, inspection, and certification to the
capital-intensive, high-risk energy, utility and infrastructure industries in every
region of the world. Delivering the highest quality service through highly
qualified specialist staff and using the latest techniques and technology,
Applus+ RTD focuses on exceeding customer expectations while meeting their

At the heart of Applus RTD are our people and technologies. Our highly trained
employees have a strong sense of responsibility and thrive on the challenge of
working to exceed client expectations while delivering technical innovation that
sets the global standard in our field.
Across the industrial spectrum, Applus RTD focuses on delivering technical
excellence. We have industry leading experience and expertise in project
management for pipelines, offshore and onshore production facilities, refinery
and storage facilities in the oil and gas, traditional and renewable energy sectors,
and national utility and infrastructure markets.

Integrity is vital to the future of these global industries and our objective is to
ensure that assets are safe at all levels of operation by delivering the highest
level of technical assurance at every stage.

Our specialist teams are focused on the energy sector and associated industries
across North and South America, including Canada, the United States and Brazil,
Europe, South East Asia and Australia.

Through ongoing personal training of our 3,600 employees, and a program of
technological research and development aimed at delivering new techniques that
maximize the effectiveness and value of our services, we aim to set the global
standard in non-destructive testing, inspection and certification.
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