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flat from, from where we provide large range of Non
Destructive Testing (NDT) and Plant Condition Monitoring (CM)
Solution, Service and Consultancy . Industrial applications,
including those for Aviation, Power Generation, Oil and Gas,
Chemicals process, Pipe, Steel Structure, Pharmaceuticals,
Textiles. Our reliable, advanced technology inspection
solutions and support services enable industrial customers to
help maximize efficiency, minimize downtime and enhance
productivity with unyielding integrity.
We provide following for our valuable customer:
Video-Borescopic Inspection/Endoscopic Inspection
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging (w/wo coating)
Conventional Ultrasonic Testing
Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing
Radiography Testing
Eddy Current Testing
Magnetic Particle Testing
Dye Penetrate Testing
Hardness Testing
Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment
Vacuum Test
Vibration Analysis (vibration/field balancing)
Lube Oil Analysis (Viscosity ,oxidation, Nitration,
Sulfating, Incorrect lubricant, Wear additives, Soot,
Glycol, Water, FAME)
We sale our following solution:
01. RVI (a. Borescope b.Fiberscopes c. Videoscopes)
02. Dye Penetrants Chemicals (Cleaner, Penetrant,
03. Magnetic Particle Testing Produce Solution(Yoke, UV
Light, Florescent and Non Florescent Practical and
04. Ultrasonic Thickness Gages
05. Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
06. Advanced Ultrasonic Phased Arrays
07. Time-of-flight diffraction (TOFD)
08. Radiography Testing System
09. Eddy Current Testing Equipment
10. Tube Inspection System 5800
11. Hardness Tester
13. IR Thermography
14. Vibration Analyzer
15. Vibration Meter and Bearing Checker
16. Lube Oil Testing System
17. UE System (Leak Detector)
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