Mistras Group
Innovation Polymers
Contact: Rick MacNeil
62 McBrine Place Unit 5
Kitchener ON Ontario
Canada N2R 1H3
Phone: 519-741-0558
Keywords: polymer, dry couplant, Aqualene, ACE, Aqualink
Innovation Polymers focuses on highly effective sound
transfer through the development of acoustic-capable
polymers. The product range we offer is truly targeted at
ultrasonic coupling, but we are always interested in
unique applications where more than just getting sound
into material is the goal.

Let us collaborate on your application needs.
Barrier layers or novel shapes sandwiched between layers
of varied materials with specific properties could
provide your team with the next innovative advancement.

Industrial dry coupling applications
Novel wheel probe or delayline
Bladder or barrier designs
Sensor covers or optimizing layers
Medical phantom
Sensitivity and resolution targets
New: TOFD for HDPE Multi-Angle Wedges
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New: Aquabond Advanced Ultrasonic Couplant for Long Term Probe Placement
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Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment