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3D ProScan
144 Pleasant Street 
Clinton MA Massachusetts
United States 01510
Phone: 978-365-8164
Tags: Metrology & CT scanning services
Keywords: Industrial CT Scanning
3D ProScan is a full metrology and inspection lab using industrial CT scanning to serve the plastics, medical device, and packaging industries.

With industrial CT scanning we non-destructively visualize, measure, and analyze internal and external features of precision parts and assemblies.

Compare a part to its CAD model:
Part-to-CAD overlay comparison analysis determines a part's overall dimensional accuracy.

Part to Part comparison:
For fast toolwork validation, two parts are overlaid, compared, and analyzed for similarities and differences.

Fast Dimensional Inspection:
Parts are programmed using a CAD model and 2D print ahead of time, allowing parts to be built in parallel.

3d Assembly Analysis:
Non-destructive scanning allows internal features to be measured and analyzed without damage to the article.
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