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International For Services & Constructions Company( INSCO )
Contact: Mohammed Khalifa
5-Project 16 building - Laselky Area -Autostrad 5-Project 16 building - Laselky Area -Autostrad
Cairo , MaadI Egypt 11843
Phone: +201225826396
Fax: 002025177462
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INSCO is a Leading Supplier for the services related to
Quality Control , Quality assurance ,Manpower Supply,
Codes, Projects Management and Standards Compliance. We
are providing these services on various Workshops ,
Projects and erection Fields throughout In & out of
The company was founded in 2007 by name of EESC from
2011 developed INSCO with many years of experience in
the field of Heat Treatment Services & NDT services . 
For more than 5 years, INSCO has been providing superior
NDT& heat treating services, equipment's, and manpower,
that help assure successful completion of heat treating &
NDT projects.  
We carry out NDT & Post Weld Heat Treatment, Pre-heating
for all materials according to any code or any other
guidance recommended by the client.
Our company will constantly quest for excellence in its
field of work. This is achieved through establishing and
maintaining an effective dynamic quality system meeting
customers requirements.
Mr. / Mohamed Khalifa
General Manager
tel.: 002 012 25826396

Quality is built not inspected.

INSCO Quality Policy is established to achieve and
conformance to customer requirements and need through the
correct performance and control all provided services.
INSCO provided confidence to the customers in a way the
agreed level of quality is being achieved and maintained.

INSCO quality level of service provision depends on
competence of the personnel and their sense of
responsibility in performing the duties assigned to them
using effectively and efficiently, also the upgrading of
qualification and certifications, In addition to the
previous the newest versions of equipment and consumables
are being used by us.
INSCO operates adequate system of permanent assessment of
performance and ability of all levels of the staff in
Jobsites service.
INSCO will take all necessary actions to ensure that its
corporate quality policy is correctly, understood &
implemented by all levels of staff.
INSCO staff is acting in such way that they do not
endanger themselves, other people or equipment, also
creating healthy and safe working environment and
Mohammed Khalifa
Mistras Group