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Industrial X-Ray and Radiography Service in Bangladesh
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Dhaka Bangladesh
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Industrial X-Ray/Gamma Ray/ Radiography Service in Bangladesh

Radiography is the most popular and commonly known non-destructive test method. Radiography can be used to get permanent image of surface and sub-surface discontinuities. The similar discontinuities can be radiographed again after a period of service life and the radiographs can be compared to measure the change in the size and shape of the discontinuity. There are many applications of radiography in engineering applications.

Some of the common uses are detection of surface and subsurface features of interest in welded joint, forgings, castings, corrosion mapping, wall thickness measurement, discovery of blockages inside sealed equipment.

Recently we encourage people about Ultrasonic imaging test, replace of RT or parallel use of RT. Phased Array Ultrasound is same like medical ultrasound. Ultrasonic Phased Array Imaging technique is document bases; past it was impossible, application is very fast, no radiation safety issue and inspects cost also cheaper then RT. If you need any RT test, please consult with us, we will check code and standard and propose you suitable inspection method.

Radiography setup is following

1. X-Ray Generator
2. X-Ray Generator for Crawler
3. X-Ray Control Unit
4. Gamma-Projector
5. Computed Radiography Scanner
6. Radiation Survey Meter
7. Densitometer
8. X-Ray Film
9. RT Accessories


We Use X-Ray Generator capacity: 180kV Made in iCM, Belgium

We have RT Level-II skill inspector for execute our RT service.

Industrial Alternative X-Ray/Gamma Ray/ Radiography Service in Bangladesh

Phased array Ultrasonic PAUT ( industrial alternative X-ray/ Radiography) is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing that has applications in medical imaging and industrial nondestructive testing. Conventional UT used single element transducer Phased array system use multi element transducer. So PA scanning speed is very faster and accurate than conventional. API,ASME code and standard approve Phased array Ultrasound( PAUT) replace of Industrial X-Ray/ Radiography.
We completed 05 power plant, many ship and 02 gas process in Bangladesh by us Phased array Ultrasonic replace of Industrial X-Ray/ Radiography. PAUT also lost cost than Radiography

Application for PAUT:

Inspection of Welds
Thickness measurements
Corrosion inspection
Flaw detection
Detect hidden cracks
Other internal discontinuities in metals
Composites, glass, plastics, and ceramics, as well as to measure thickness with imaging flaw detection
Analyze material properties

We Use Advanced Ultrasonic Phased Array, EPOCH 1000i and OmniScan Made in Olympus, USA

We have UT Level-II skill inspector for execute our PAUT service.
NON DESTRUCTIVE TESTING SOLUTIONS, Bangladesh (NDTS BD) is an Industrial Testing and Inspection Service provider Company. We provide solution for Predictive maintenance (PDM). PDM techniques are designed to help determine the condition of in-service equipment in order to predict when maintenance is required.
To execute our PDM plan we provide a large array of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) services like-

Remote Visual Inspection(RVI)
Dye Penetrants Testing(DPI)
Magnetic Particle Testing(MPI)
Ultrasonic Testing(UT)
Radiography Testing (RT)
Hardness Testing (HT) etc and

We also provide Condition Monitoring (CM) solutions like-

IR Thermography Testing
Vibration Analysis and Dynamic Balancing
Lube Oil Testing

At the same time we also provide full ranges of NDT and CM product solutions with along with consultancy.

Our customer base includes diversified industrial & service providing companies including Aviation, Power Generation, Railway, Chemical processes, Oil and Gas, Pipe, Steel Structure, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles etc.

Our reliable, advanced technology inspection solutions and support services enable our customers to maximize efficiency, minimize downtime and enhance productivity with uncompromising integrity.