Amotus Solutions
Contact: Dusablon Eric
2992 chemin Ste-Foy 
Quebec QC Quebec
Canada G1X 1P6
Phone: 4188001073
World First Non-Proprietary Cloud Solutions for NDT

Reduce your manpower cost - the shortest path from your NDT equipment to the cloud. Nubitus is an ideal way to manage and transfer your data to your secured data servers, cloud solutions, or simply by e-mail. Nubitus acts as a simple USB storage device; it automatically transmits files to the cloud. Combined with the Nubitus mobile application, files can be sent to multiple
destinations. The solution allows GPS position, encryption, and compression to be added to your data. This is a perfect solution to gather data from devices that do not have the ability nor the connectivity to transmit them. Compatible with all high¬-end instruments (Sonatest Veo and Prisma, Olympus OmniScan, Eddyfi Reddy, and more…)