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Contact: Winterfeldt
Bremen Germany 28279
Phone: 421430660
Fax: +49 421 4306626
Keywords: Digitizing x-rays; Digital X-Ray Detectors, Archiving; Analyzing; Workflow Optimization; Digital Imaging
PACSESS is specialised in information and communication technologies for Non Destructive Testing, Production sites, Asset Owners and Development Centres which helps to build digital workflows, improve documentation processes and communicate all relevant data with others. We provide our customers solutions for low-cost long-term archiving and offer special tools to generate efficient collection, analysis and communication of inspection/production reports, object images and material certificates.

PACSESS improves the NDT-/ Industry-Workflow with customized tools and helps companies to reduce production-/testing time and save money in the existing workflows by improving the quality management processes
PACSESS is the worldwide no. 1 partner for workflow optimization in Non Destructive Testing.
The Enterprise Portal is our latest development and the world's first holistic platform, which integrates all kind of NDT-image, -report and material certificates as well as data from welding machines.
Our specific digital x-ray detectors could be used for a wide range of x-ray applications. The usage of isotopes, like Selenium and Iridium is also possible as the use of high voltage tubes, up to 450 KeV. Due to the high sensitivity of the Optima and Maxima detectors acquisition times can be reduced significantly and, especially for the gamma sources, a reduction of the intensity allows a smaller security area
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