Sensor Networks
Sensor Networks, Inc
366 Walker Drive Suite 200
State College PA Pennsylvania
United States 16801
Phone: 814-466-7207
Keywords: Ultrasonic Transducers, Phased Array, Matrix Array, Corrosion Monitoring, Installed Sensors, RVI, Application Engineering
Sensor Networks, Inc. is a US-based IoT technology company specializing in installed ultrasonic sensor networks used to measure and monitor metal loss due to corrosion / erosion in industrial assets. We design and manufacture integrated systems for asset-condition monitoring using ultrasonic sensor arrays and a digital control and communication system architecture that supports handheld, wired and wireless data collection. Our product is highly modular and can be configured for many different installed-sensor applications in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and other PSM-regulated industries. Single locations, dozens, even hundreds of data points can be monitored with a single network or cable drop.

Our expertise lies with precision ultrasonic thickness gaging using single-, dual-element or angle-beam transducers including shear-wave. Off-the-shelf or custom real-time corrosion & erosion monitoring applications are addressable with our modular system.
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