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SECU-CHEK has, as sister company of RIL-CHEMIE, more than 60 years of experience in the fluorescent inspection process.

SECU-CHEK engineers and manufactures technology leading UV LED lamps without compromises for optimal viewing conditions and secure inspection, especially for Fluorescent Magnet Particle Inspection (MPI / MT) and Penetrant Testing (PT /FPI.

Always better and at least as good as bulb-based blacklights with groundbreaking innovations and integrated helpful features, like adaption time signalization and stepless automatic dimming of the high quality white light, that can be used instead of UV or in combination with the UV radiation.
SECU-CHEK offers more than 100 different UV LED hand lamps and stationary lights to fit perfectly the needs of all specific applications and purposes, also for wet areas, like penetrant washing places or fully automated penetrant lines.

Revolutionary interpretation of indications by automatic step less dimming of the white light that show films of the transition between the 3 possible illuminations (UV / combination of UV and VIS / VIS only) and allows further to adjust the amount of white light during usage.

More uniform beam, even when moving the lamp. The real soft drop surrounding the main beam prevents the tunnel view under dark conditions, that causes the loss of the detection capability of the peripheral vision. The soft radiation drop at the edges is mandatory to ensure at least the inspection performance like using mercury vapor lamp. Even in very short working distances SECU-CHEK flood lamps show just uniform radiation WITHOUT visual hotspots, marblings or artefacts.

As secure as bulb based blacklights, like Mercury vapour lamps, due to electronic system monitoring that automatically switches of the lamp if critical failure occur that can cause relevantly impact the inspection process, e.g. failure of single UV LED Element or low battery.

Sustainable investment due to guaranteed requalification possibility at least until 2017 for upcoming standards and Aerospace requirements, like ASTM, EN ISO, NADCAP

High Quality and reliability of the whole lamp system and the emitted UV radiation, even in harsh in industrial working conditions, where the lamps are designed for, thanks to the engineering by NDT experts and manufacturing in Germany for best and secure inspection by NDT demanding professionals.
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