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Shanghai Shuosong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact: Mike Wang
Bldg 48, Lane 1500, Xinfei Rd., Songjiang District
Shanghai China 201612
Phone: +8617521147757
Tags: brazed beryllium window
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Shanghai Shuosong Electronic Technology is a high technology enterprise that specialized in analytical window researching and manufacturing. We have cooperated with many companies and research centers since its set up.

Our main products include beryllium foil, brazed beryllium window, beryllium window in CF flange for Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines, brazed diamond window and sapphire vacuum viewports.

The leakage is less than 1.0*10^-10 Pa.M3/s. The maximum diameter we can braze is up to 210mm.

All product in Shuosong Electronic Technology is custom fabricated, we accept customized design according to specific requirements.

If there is any questions, please send email to mike.wang@shuosong.com / shss.mike@gmail.com
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