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Kakivik Asset Management, LLC is a full service asset integrity management company specializing in Nondestructive Testing (NDT), Corrosion Investigations and Quality Program Management. Kakiviks services also include civil inspection and laboratory analysis, materials evaluation, and failure analysis.

We assist our clients in meeting the numerous business, technical and regulatory challenges associated with the operation and maintenance of their physical assets. Kakivik inspectors and technicians ensure that prudent integrity management occurs in full compliance with state and federal regulatory requirements, while achieving process safety and reliability.

We work collaboratively with engineering, projects, design, systems, quality, safety, controls, and commercial client groups to achieve an environment of continuous improvement in life cycle management, cost performance and technological innovation.

Kakivik provides inspectors and technicians, certified to industry standards, to evaluate the structural integrity of the critical infrastructure assets of our energy, industry and government clients.

It is our aim to assist our customers in achieving the safe and efficient operation of their facilities, extending the useful life of their infrastructure components, achieving full regulatory compliance, and avoiding environmental catastrophe.

Kakivik employs the latest in NDT technology and innovation to identify, record and report defects and degradation while optimizing safety and operational productivity. We have a sustained record of capital investment in new technology, both internally developed technological advancements and strategic acquisition of equipment necessary for providing "best in class" NDT services.

As we integrate our inspectors and technicians into your work site, we bring with us a promise of inter-company cooperation with all teams and contractors on the job.

Many of the industries we serve have downsized capital expenditures during these economically challenging times. Greater demands are being placed on aging assets with increased throughput and capacity utilization. In this atmosphere, NDT becomes an even more critical aspect to reducing risk, managing cost structures and optimizing production efficiencies. Kakiviks team brings integrity, innovation and quality to this effort for the benefit of our customers.
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