Contact: François Mainguy
2925 avenue Kepler 
Québec QC Quebec
Canada G1X 3V4
Phone: +1 418 260-9088
Fax: +1 418 266-1666
At PRAGMA, our mission is to provide the NDT market with portable instruments and systems that are highly performant, yet simple to use and application-driven. «Simple» is the key word. Everyday, our team of passionate engineers and technicians roll-up their sleeves and produce little marvels. Our products and solutions are helping markets such as aerospace, oil and gas, transportation and heavy industries. Why PRAGMA ? Because NDT is a pragmatic world with real applications and problems, which require pragmatic solutions. PRAGMA products are very powerful, simple to use, handling multiple modalities and multiple platforms. We feel NDT requires the most up-to-date technology, the most effective products and the most accurate traceability. It's our contribution to make our world safer and our industries more effective.