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Starmans Electronics Ltd.
Contact: Stanislav Štarman
V Zahradách 842/24 
Praha Czech Republic 18000
Phone: 737358705
Fax: Starmans electronics s.r.o.
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The STARMANS electronics is an engineering and manufacturing company that provides advanced technology products and solutions for nondestructive testing and evaluation. We develop, design and manufacture portable ultrasonic instruments and systems for ultrasonic, infrared, magnetic particle inspection and X-ray testing.

The STARMANS electronics has been producing equipment applying all these nondestructive testing methods; they can include manipulations with products and their sorting or complete designing control PLC systems.

The STARMANS electronics is ISO certified and pro-export oriented. The headquarters of the STARMANS electronics is located in Prague, the Czech Republic, focusing on research, electronic assembling and administration. The STARMANS electronics operates two large production plants.

The division of research solves European funding grants in cooperation with research organisations, e.g. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and universities and for these reasons we have the equipment for nanotechnologies and microelectronics.

The STARMANS electronics owns a subsidiary company Starmans Inc. in the U.S.A.; the Starmans equipment has been used in the U.S.A. since 2000 in aircraft, woodworking and railway industries.

STM electronics in Russia is a key Starmans subsidiary; the products of Starmans company are fully certified for the Russian market.