Mistras Group
Melior Laser Ltd
Contact: Erika Szili
Tormásrét u. 5/B Szili
Biatorbágy Hungary 2051
Keywords: sheet metal fabrication, lasercutting,bending, welding, punching
Melior Laser is the reliable sheet metal fabrication supplier partner of manufacturing companies. Melior Laser is based in Hungary, near Budapest.
The company offers sheet metal fabrication services, manufacturing complex sheet metal components for various industries. Trusted partner due to the experience, high professional standards and modern processing technologies.
The following typical processings Melior performs:
stainless steel and carbon steel fabrication,aluminium fabrication,galvanised sheets and alloyed aluminium fabrication and brass fabrication.
With its modern sheet metal fabrication machinery Melior Laser is capable of prototype manufacturing as well as manufacturing up to a few thousand per year volume custom made sheet metal part. Melior Laser is ISO 9001 certified.

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