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For more than 40 years Slickers Technology has been a leader in producing ultrasonic rotation mechanics with capacitive signaling technology as an engineering company. The products are known under the brand name of "ROTA" in the market. As a comprehensive supplier in the area of ultrasonic testing for pipes and round material we offer automated customized test benches with our own testing electronics "RotaEcho" as well as transport and sorting lines. We will help you realize solutions according to your own specifications or we will develop a concept together with you meeting your special requirements. Our customers benefit from our long experience, deep knowledge and our commitment to the highest quality to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
Major Cost Savings in Consumable Piece Parts and Maintenance Time

Our technology is based on contactless capacitive probe transmitters so there are no carbon brushes to be replaced repeatedly or the eventual replacement of slip rings.

Total Elimination of False Positives Due to Sparking

Because our technology is based on contactless transmission there are no sparking to be picked up by the UT electronics and register as a false reading.

Increased Line Speed Rate with Worry-Free 100% UT Coverage

Our ROTAs are the fastest in the industry with speeds up to 8000 RPM allowing you to run at significantly increased line rates while having complete confidence that 100% test coverage is maintained.

Blazing Fast Changeover Times

With our special adjustment mechanics all probe holders can be positioned simultaneously for the necessary diameter of the material reducing set up times to 15 minutes typical.

UT Software Simplicity: Set it and Forget It

Parameters from a mill data source can easily be sent to the RotaEcho electronics pre-configuring most test constraints. For some measurements automatic calibration procedure is available further reducing set up time and once you have product set up in software you can save your parameters and recall them for reuse at any time.

Advanced Algotrithms

The RotaEcho comes packed with different filtering and averaging tools to help you easily achieve great signal to noise ratios in the worst conditions.

Advance Reporting

Report results can be easily exported; the system is flexible and allows for customization into an easy use text based report file. This text file solution allow easy integration into customer report data bases and quality management tools.