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Lahore Pakistan 54000
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Tags: NDT, RT, UT, ET, MPI, DPT, VT, welding
Keywords: NDT, RT, UT, ET, MPI, DPT, VT, welding
Dye Pentrant Testing Material available in Magnaflux UK, Nabakem Korea.
YOKE, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Vibration Monitoring, DPT, MPI/MT, UT, Eddy current PROBES, IQI (pentrameter, LEAD NUMBER, Radiographic Films, Developer, FIXER,
Dye Penetrant Testing | Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements |
Magnetic Particles Inspection | Ultrasonic Flaw Detection |
Visual Inspection | Vacuum Box Testing | Hardness Testing
Industrial Radiography | Welding Inspections | Welding
Procedure Specification (WPS)| Welder Qualification Tests
(WQT)| Visual Inspection | Welding/fabrication/Construction
| Metallography (In-situ)| Boroscopic Inspection | Tank
Calibration | Providing Third Party Inspection | Post Weld
Heat Treatment | Hydro Testing / Vacuum Testing |Surface
Coating Paint Inspection | General Superintendence | Sand
Blasting | Manpower Supply | NDT Inspectors for QA/QC,
having Level I & II qualifications in the fields of MPI, UT,
RT, WPS, PWHT, UT Flaw Detection etc and experienced welders
for construction and plant Turnaround | Coat & Warp
Inspection Services | Surface cleaning and Preparation |
Priming and Coat / Wrap Inspection (Hot Bitumen and Polyken
Tape)| Final Inspection Using Holiday Detector | Plant
Turnaround/Shutdown Inspection Services | Complete NDT
Inspection of the plant during Shutdown | Supply qualified
Senior and junior NDT Inspectors | NDT Testing Equipment
along with PPEs | Welding Inspectors | Welders | Fabricators
Hi-Tech Inspection Services | Long Range Ultrasonic
Technique (LRUT)| Magnetic Flux Leakgae (MFL) | Eddy Current
| Demagnetization
Lifting Equipment Inspection and Third Party Inspection Services in Pakistan. We provide services in Lifting Equipment Inspection, Cranes and Hoisting Inspection, Pallet Racks Inspection, Overhead / Mobile Cranes, Forklift Inspection & Operators Training, Advance and Conventional NDT Services (Non-Destructive Testing / Inspection Services).
Services provided include; Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), Conventional Ultrasonic Testing, Hardness Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Liquid Penetrant Testing, Coating Inspection, Visual Inspection and Third Party Inspection.
Mistras Group
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