Westex Company
Contact: Ruth Lupo
PO Box 5587 
Oxnard CA California
United States 93031
Phone: 805 485-2205
Non Destructive, Destructive and Metallurgical Testing
in the Field or Lab

Third Party and Certified Welding Inspection,
Skidmore - Bolt Torque Testing
Positive Material Identification

Radiography - Gamma and X-Ray Machine, Computed Radiography
Magnetic Particle and Penetrant Inspection
Ultrasonic - Shear Wave, Thickness Checking and Underwater Thickness

Welding Joining Development and Technology, Welding Procedure Specification, Testing - Qualification and Certification
Micro Hardness, Vickers and Brinell
Post Weld Heat Treat and Portable Electric Resistance Stress Relieve

Ground Penetrating Radar - Concrete and Utilities