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Workpad LLC
San Francisco CA California
United States 94107
Phone: 888.278.8804
Built for manufacturers and end-users, Workpad is the complete turn-key solution for connecting inspection devices to the cloud. Upload data, automate workflows, and create robust analytics for your big data. Workpad allows inspection devices, medical devices, and inspection personnel to easily collect, organize, and analyze data. Let us help you with your big data analytics solution.

Workpad was released after two years of market research and development to create an industrial automation platform focused on streaming video and sensor data. Workpad LLC is a subsidiary of NDT.org, a provider of Internet and cloud software solutions to the industrial, healthcare, and financial sectors since 1996. Markets served include industrial service providers, original equipment manufacturers, and industrial enterprise including aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, petrochemical, food processing, construction, manufacturing, and municipal sectors.

Workpad is focused on quality. Taking advantage of modern computing technologies and leveraging the benefits of agile development processes, Workpad is built with an automated deployment pipeline and test-driven development to ensure 100% uptime, no single points of failure, and scalable throughput for data on an industrial scale. Workpad is based in San Francisco, CA, the heart of cloud computing and emerging digital technologies.
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