Sensor Networks
Contact: Maxi Bachmann
Nauendorfer Str. 2 
Halle Saale Germany 06112
Phone: +49 345 133 170
Tags: NDT
Keywords: NDT Ultrasonic Testing
Ultrasonic Solutions made in Germany

The SONOTEC GmbH is a leading specialist in ultrasonic measurement technology solutions. With more than 170 employees, the technology company based in Halle (Saale) develops and manufactures customer-specific ultrasonic transducers and sensors as well as testing equipment and measuring technology solutions for preventive maintenance, non-destructive testing, medical technology and biotechnology.
With an inhouse R&D as well as production all our products are made in Germany.
We are specialized in the following nondestructive UT methods:

_Non-contact / air-coupled ultrasonic testing
_Standard and customized ultrasonic probes
_Flaw Detectors
_Wallthickness Measurement Gauges

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