Mistras Group
Sanat Azmoon Pezhvak (SAP)
Contact: A.SOLTANI
Apt#204 - No.129 - W Sarv st. - Saadatabad 
Tehran Iran
Phone: +989122973690
Fax: +982122097106
Sanat Azmoon Pejvak Co., Ltd. has been established with the purpose of providing and supplying goods and equipment needed by different industries, research institutes, industrial and scientific centers of the country. This company by having experienced staff and engineers with using management and quality assurance systems have worked to constantly improve its services in different areas such as technical inspection, quality control, instrumentation, detectors, and sensors.

Our activities consist of :

Technical and quality inspection according to client's procedures and executive directions.
Destructive and non- destructive tests
Instrumentations and gages
Physical and mechanical properties of materials
Color and coating inspection
Consulting and training
Partner of LABINO AB, Iran distribution agent (KPV).
Exclusive distribution agent of NORDINKRAFT AG in IRAN.
Exclusive partner of EECI Group India in IRAN.
Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment