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Astro Alloys Inc.
9155 Emmott Rd 
Houston United States 77040
Phone: 877-937-3838
Astro Alloys, Inc. is dedicated to the thermal spray industry while specializing in HVOF Equipment and thermal spray powders. We began in 1980 and have provided quality thermal spray equipment, supplies and service to our customers ever since. We believe in and operate with "old-fashioned customer service", are committed to our customers and always willing to go the extra mile. Our facility located in Houston, TX offers expedient, expert service and support to customers throughout North America and around the world.

A wide range of equipment, supplies, and materials are available, taking care of any and all thermal spray needs. These include HVOF consoles and guns, plasma and arc spray equipment, Rokide® equipment, cell installations, manipulation equipment and robotics, acoustical enclosures, dust collection and grit blasting equipment, quality thermal spray powders, rods, wires, masking products and thousands of various spare parts. We carry thermal spray powders from top manufacturers including Praxair, Saint-Gobain, and Kennametal Stellite™.
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