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Polaris Research Group
Contact: Howard Fein
24400 Highland Road 
Cleveland OH Ohio
United States 44143
Phone: 216-383-9480
Fax: 216-383-9488
Polaris Research Group in Cleveland, Ohio offers highly accurate Holographic nondestructive test, evaluation, and analysis services to the commercial market. The company uses Holography-based technology to measure vibration, stress, and structural characteristics in a wide range of applications. Modal and vibration analysis; bonded and composite structure test; and flaw, defect, and delamination identification are just a few of the primary applications for these techniques. Holographic methods offer tremendous advantages for nondestructive analysis to a broad base of users including: aerospace, industrial, military, tool, electronics, automotive, medical, bonding and adhesives, and acoustics industries.

Holographic testing uses the properties of laser light to record and reproduce an object under test as a hologram. Any displacement in the surface, such as that caused by vibrations or some sort of induced structural stress will appear as interference fringe patterns which identify motion or structural irregularities down to millionths of an inch.

Holographic techniques are ideal for nondestructive testing; especially where more conventional methods such as ultrasonic, x-ray, or CAT scans have proven to be unsuccessful. In order to determine how virtually any structure (like castings, machined parts, or bonded assemblies) will react to mechanical stress or vibration, for example, holography can give a far more realistic determination than a hypothetical computer-built model. Holography can nondestructively reveal the true behavior and motion as opposed to modeled approximations. In fact, holographic data is used frequently as a primary source for building and refining accurate computer modeling programs for specific complex structures.

The Polaris Research Group Laboratory comprises a holographic test facility with highly advanced optically-based test capabilities. Real time, multiple exposure, and time-average holographic analysis techniques can be employed to find solutions to a wide variety of questions not previously addressable with other conventional test methods. Holographic analysis procedures can be defined and applied in a straightforward fashion in many cases. Hard copy and even video tape of the testing process and data can be provided to customers upon request.

Polaris Research Group is a commercial spin-off from a major U.S. defense corporation. It is an American, privately owned small business with over 20 years of broad experience in both Defense and commercial research and development and production analysis. Advanced analytical technology is offered in a highly responsive manner to both the Defense and the Commercial sectors and inquiries are invited for all levels of work from initial consultation to extended program support efforts.
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