Sensor Networks
Contact: Eli Dayan
18A HaYetsira St. P.O Box 3556
Petah Tikva Israel 4951243
Phone: +972-3-670-0988
Fax: +972-3-670-0989
NOVO DR Ltd. offers the highest image quality in the portable digital radiography industry. The ruggedness and reliability of our systems combined with amazing X-Ray Images make them the best in the market. Our intuitive and easy to use products have been designed and engineered by our incredibly professional and highly experienced team!

We put a strong emphasis on the following points:

Highest Image Quality Decades of expertise, detectors built specifically for NDT applications and advanced software all attribute to the highest image quality.

Reliable Our systems are designed for outdoor operations, so we use the best raw materials; proprietary NOVO cables; MIL-DTL 38999 connectors & rugged Detectors.

Easy to Use The lightest Detectors, intuitive NOVO Touch Pro Software and user-friendly system components make NOVO equipment effortless to setup & operate.

Professional Support Fast response, the expertise of our team and in-house Developers bring you the right solution.
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