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Splitter NDT Inc.
113-115 Cushman Rd, Ste. 23 
St Catharines ON Ontario
Canada L2M 6S9
Phone: 9056871001
Splitter NDT Inc. is a next-generation non-destructive testing supply company. It has been developed for you, our customer.

The life of a non-destructive testing professional is challenging. Typically, it includes long days, physically demanding tasks, quick and critical decision making, and ever-changing procedures and technology. Deciding where to source your NDT equipment and what products to choose should be easy and enjoyable, not stressful.

The market is changing quickly. The way people shop and consume in their personal lives is quickly setting the standard for what they expect in a business marketplace. What does that look like? Service and support when you need it most, quality products at a fair price, resources to help you make an informed decision, quick and intuitive ordering, a brand that people can trust, and more.

By combining decades of customer-facing experience in the NDT supply chain business with the technology and tools built for today, we believe Splitter NDT Inc. will become the benchmark for the future.
We offer a diverse product line in modalities that include:
Eddy Current
Magnetic Particle Inspection
Liquid Penetrant Inspection
Liquid Penetrant Inspection Equipment
Mistras Group