Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
Western Instruments Inc
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Sturgeon County AB Alberta
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Western was incorporated in late 1965, and currently operates from its 19 Acre facility in Villeneuve (Edmonton), Alberta, Canada. The company occupies a 10,000 Sq. Ft. building, which includes 2000 Sq. Ft. of Offices, with separate areas for; Machine Tools; Electronics Lab; Stock Rooms; Assembly Areas; and a Welding/Fabrication Area. The company has four areas of operations; W-Series of Portable Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment; Pit Gauges; Ultrasonic Testing Systems; and an Oilfield Equipment Venture.

W-Series MPI Equipment Product Line

The company manufactures portable Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Equipment, which includes Yokes, Coils, and Accessories. W-Series Products are used to inspect Ferromagnetic Materials for Near and Surface Breaking Defects. Defects include; Cracks (Weld, Stress, Fatigue, etc.); Manufacturing Defects (Scabs and Slivers; etc.). Portable MPI Equipment has uses in virtually all types of Heavy and Medium Industries, but enjoys itís greatest popularity in: Petro-Chemical, Oil and Gas (Refining, Production, and Drilling), Pressure Equipment (Boilers, Pressure Vessels, Steam Generation, etc.), Steel (Primary, Secondary, and Fabrication), Automotive/Mobile Equipment (Manufacturing, Rebuilding, Maintenance), and Aircraft (Manufacturing and Maintenance). MPI is recognized as the most cost effective form of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

Introduction of the W-Series Product Line started in late 1999, after extensive development and field testing. The product line in now shipped around the world, as they are manufactured in both 115 Volt/60Hz and 230 Volt/50Hz versions. We manufacture the most comprehensive line up of MPI Coils in the world. The W-Series Product Line is continually being added to, and improved to meet our Customerís and Distributorís needs.

Pit Gauges

Westernís Pit Gauge Product Line was introduced to the market in 1995, with our original innovative designs. Pit Gauges are used extensively by Corrosion Inspectors in the Oil/Gas, Petrochemical, and Steel Industries. Our Indicators are available in Dial (Metric or Imperial), and Digital versions so different industries or different areas of the World can use them. Our Dial/Digital Indicators are the only ones of its type in the World and they were developed specifically for Pit Measurement.

Ultrasonic Testing Systems

The company manufactures Ultrasonic Testing Systems for Primary and Secondary Metals Industries, with a particular emphasis on Welded Steel Pipe & Tube. The Pipe and Tube systems are designed to meet Industry Specifications such as API, ASTM, CSA, etc. Western's Systems have been installed throughout the world, with the company being recognized as an industry leader.

Oilfield Equipment Development

Alex Palynchuk, President of Western Instruments, was the original inventor and developer of COROD, which he took to commercial operation before leaving in 1974. COROD manufactures and provides Field Services for Coil Sucker Rods used in the Artificial Lift (Pumping) of Oil from oil wells, and has annual sales in excess of $100 Million. COROD was purchased in 1985 by General Electric for $15 Million, and is now owned by the Weatherford Group.
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