Luna Innovations
Contact: Joe Heyman
130 Research Drive 
Hampton VA Virginia
United States 23666
Phone: 1-757-224-0687
Fax: 1-757-224-2019
Luna Innovationsí Hampton Roads office is developing advanced diagnostic measurement sensors and nondestructive testing techniques that enable difficult structural or material evaluations to be performed without damage or disassembly. Our NDT research targets industrial & defense applications such as screening technology detecting concealed non-metallic weapons, uncovering hidden corrosion damage in lightweight aircraft structures, locating fatigue cracks in railroad rail, mapping damage inside the bores of artillery barrels, or locating faulty adhesive bonds within solid rocket motors. Luna Hampton Roads also has an ongoing research thrust in non-imaging applications of medical ultrasound that could revolutionize the way several medical diagnostic measurements are made. In addition to its NDT R&D activities, LHR currently offers a variety of conventional and advanced NDT services.