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Tags: NDT Services
Services rendered by JSC Vakaru Centrine Laboratorija:

Non-destructive control:
Radiographic flaw inspection;
Ultrasound flaw inspection;
Magnetic flaw inspection;
Capillary flaw inspection;
Visual flaw inspection;
Thickness measurement and ships hull inspection;
Testing based on burble emision method;
Paint thickness determination.
Mechanical tests:
Material testing (bending, stretching, impact velocity);
Hardness measurment (Briunell, Rockwell, Vickers methods);
Microstructure and macrostructure inspection;
Springs testing;
Damper testing;
Welded samples testing.
Chemical laboratory:
Chemical analysis of metals;
Oil products analysis;
Air and water analysis.
Metrology laboratory:
Repair of measuring devices.
Other services:
Scientific research and applied activity in the study of nature and engineering;
Environment control, ecological monitoring;
Product certifying, control of their normative documents requirements.