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11/24/2015: VA - Senior NDT Technicians - Applied Technica
11/24/2015: CA - NDT Asst. 0385 - Applus RTD
11/20/2015: OH - Operations Manager - Mistras Group, I
11/20/2015: CA - RT Assistant 0368 - Applus RTD
11/19/2015: CA - NDT Tech RT MT PT - Applus RTD
11/19/2015: LA - Phased Array Technician - EMI Integrity Se
Zetec Expands Coverage, Seeks Distributors for Mutual Growth Snoqualmie, WA. Zetec, Inc., a global leader in nondestructive testing (NDT) solutions featuring both eddy current and phased array UT technologies, is expanding its market coverage in key global markets. The company is currently seeking new distributor partners interested in forming mutually beneficial partnerships for growth. "Partnering with an industry leader like Zetec provides distributors significant advantages," states Wayne Wilkinson, President of Zetec. "They can leverage one of the most proven ...Read More.
Eddyfi Test Instrument Helps TEAM Perform Inspection for NASA Québec, Canada, November 24, 2015 — Non-destructive experts from TEAM Industrial Services have recently used the Ectane® instrument from Eddyfi to assess the mechanical structure of the next Mars lander at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Using the advanced eddy current array inspection system, it is possible to detect minute cracks and other discontinuities so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. TEAM has been using the advanced system for a variety of critical inspections over the last few ...Read More.
Axxim: Software Solution to Reduce Asset Downtime Oil and gas decision-makers are coming under increasing pressure to reduce asset downtime, according to new research released today*. As part of our Technology Radar research programme, a survey of oil and gas decision-makers was commissioned– to mark the launch of our new software solution Axxim™, which offers the next generation in asset management optimisation. Almost two thirds (63%) of those polled said pressure to reduce asset downtime has increased in the last year. Asset costs are also a majo ...Read More.
SwRI’s CAsed Pipeline COrrosion Model Predicts Corrosion Conditions Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has developed a CAsed Pipeline COrrosion Model (CAPCOM) that allows engineers to evaluate corrosion conditions of cased pipeline sections, where product-carrying pipes are encased within an outer shell of protective piping. R&D Magazine recently recognized CAPCOM as one of the 100 most significant innovations for 2015. The cased pipeline segments that lie beneath some of the most sensitive areas are also among the most difficult to inspect. The CAPCOM software helps ad ...Read More.
Laboratory Testing Inc. Scheduled to Exhibit at Power-Gen International 2015 Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI) will be exhibiting at Power-Gen International 2015, presenting materials testing, nondestructive testing and failure analysis capabilities used to inspect materials for constructing power sites and to analyze parts that fail. "Laboratory Testing has been a regular exhibitor at Power-Gen since 2004 and we are excited to be returning again this year," said Mike McVaugh, President of LTI. The Power-Gen event will be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV on De ...Read More.
Light-Weight Portable Technology Developed for Non-Destructive Inspection of Concrete Metna Co. announces the development of a new portable machine to inspect and diagnose concrete infrastructure non-destructively. Management of the nation’s aging transportation infrastructure constitutes a growing financial burden. Limited resources are available for inspection, maintenance, repair, rehabilitation and replacement of the deteriorating infrastructure. More efficient management of the aging concrete-based transportation infrastructure, enabled by thorough and practical condition assessment ...Read More.
Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® Pipe Vizaar The Pipe Inspection Camera INVIZ® Pipe for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) of tubes & welds with inner wall diameter from 1.77" to 31.5". INVIZ Pipe Inspection Camera for Remote Visual Inspection (RVI) in vessels / tanks and for tube & weld inspections Remote Visual Inspection: Remote Visual Inspection in refineries Remote Visual Inspection in tanks / vessels Remote Visual Inspection in nuclear industry Remote Visual Inspection in pharmaceutical industry Remote Visual Inspection in power gen ...Read More.
Super Thin Semi-Rigid Flexible Borescope Medit Inc. This high resolution rigid scope is made with German optics to ensure the best quality image, in bright sharp detail. The probe is protected by a stainless steel sheath, and is water and oil proof. The sheath can be flexed slightly but not bent. The eye piece connects directly to c-mount video and image recording devices to record inspections. This scope is also built to connect to most standard light sources. ...Read More.
Iris Proline portable Video Borescope Medit Inc The Iris Proline Videoscope is made with tungsten braided probe, that comes in a diameters of Ø 4mm (0.16"), 6mm (0.24"), or 8mm (0.32"). This unit also features 4 way tip articulation, and lengths from 1.5m to 7.5m. This probe is connected to a 8.9cm high resolution VGA display monitor, that rotates on the videoscope handle, allowing for easy viewing during inspections. Bright LED lights are built into the camera head to ensure a well lit inspection area, video and images are captured by a ...Read More.