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Inspection and NDT Jobs

11/29/2022: WI - CWI/Quality Manager - Veritas Steel
11/28/2022: GA - Aviation NDT Department Manager - Atlanta/Marietta, GA - Applied Technical Servic
11/28/2022: RI - UT Shear-Wave - Long Term Opportunities - NIC Inspection & Consult
11/22/2022: GA - NDT Department Manager - Throughout United States - Applied Technical Servic
11/21/2022: AL - NDT Techs and Trainees/Assistants Birmingham - Applied Technical Servic
11/21/2022: AL - Level II UTS/MT/VT Techs - 6+ Months - Alabama/Georgia - Applied Technical Servic
11/21/2022: OR - API 653/Radiographers/Level II NDT Techs - Portland, OR - Applied Technical Servic

Nondestructive Testing News

Enabling Predictive Maintenance Through Robotic Inspection Maintenance can be a complex undertaking, requiring thorough planning and an astute understanding of a facility’s risk profile. This is particularly true of high-risk facilities. Maintenance does not occur in a ‘vacuum’ and can result in costly downtimes if it is unexpected or unplanned. Even planned maintenance can lead to lengthy downtimes resulting in huge losses. For example, oil refineries in the US alone lose an estimated $47 billion from 213,000 hours of downtime each year. What is required is a main ...Read More.
DEWA Breaks Record for Inspection Outage Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has announced breaking its own world record in major inspection outage duration for the overhaul of gas turbines and desalination units, recorded in 2019. This achievement promotes DEWA’s position as a globally leading sustainable model for overhauling gas turbines and desalination units. DEWA has reduced the maintenance outages for critical inspection operations from 11 days to 9 days, which is a reduction in the maintenance duration of 18 percent, comp ...Read More.
Video - Robot Pipe Crawler Technology for Nondestructive Assay at the Paducah Site Engineers for the U.S. Department of Energy Paducah site deactivation and remediation contractor Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership, LLC, (FRNP) recently tested a robot pipe crawler designed to inspect piping previously used to support uranium enrichment operations. This robot, was customized to work with process gas piping and other equipment at the Paducah site. Four Rivers Nuclear Partnership, LLC. (FRNP), comprising three strong DOE contractors—Jacobs, BWXT, and Fluor—was formed to meet the unique ...Read More.
API’s Dynamic 9D LADAR Makes IMTS Debut Breakthrough LADAR technology sets new standard in non-contact optical dimensional metrology for manufacturing industries In September, API’s Dynamic 9D LADAR, an innovative LAser Detection and Ranging system that captures both dimensional and surface geometry data, will make its IMTS show floor debut. 9D LADAR incorporates a breakthrough technology that is set to revolutionize automated production measurements. The patent-pending Dynamic 9D LADAR offers the world’s first interferometry-based LADAR system ...Read More.
Processing Tech, 3D and SWIR in Running for Vision Award Five candidates have been shortlisted for this year’s Vision Award, Imaging and Machine Vision Europe is pleased to announce. (Watch our exclusive webinar featuring all five shortlisted technologies) Submissions from Brighter AI Technologies, Edge Impulse, Kitov.ai, Saccade Vision and SWIR Vision Systems were selected by the judges from 61 entries. The winner will be announced at the Vision trade fair in Stuttgart at the beginning of October. The entries include: two instances of clever us ...Read More.
Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Approved US drone regulation has made slow but steady progress in approving safe, advanced drone operations. For those new to this niche topic, approving advanced commercial drone operations could look like fully autonomous power grid inspections – critical to restoring power infrastructure after a storm. Or autonomous delivery of food and medical supplies (or online shopping orders). Over the past decade, large-scale, streamlined Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) approvals have been the "holy grail" of regulator ...Read More.
Quantum Computer Vision Tested for Defect Detection Scientists have demonstrated what they believe is the first implementation of quantum computer vision for a quality inspection problem on a manufacturing production line. Researchers at Multiverse Computing, which delivers quantum computing solutions, and Ikerlan, a technology transfer centre in Spain, developed a quantum-enhanced kernel method for classification on universal gate-based quantum computers, as well as a quantum classification algorithm on a quantum annealer. The team found that bo ...Read More.
Addressing Stainless Steel and Dissimilar Metal Weld Inspection with Advanced Phased Array Ultrasonic Techniques Phased array ultrasonic testing is a mature and widely adopted technology that allows for the inspection of critical components in various industries. Over the last five years, new techniques like full matrix capture and live total focusing method have been available on most high-end phased array ultrasonic testing units. They have been introduced in ASME codes and ISO standards with dedicated training courses, as prescribed by the codes, offered by large training centers. However, innovation is on ...Read More.
Baker Hughes Acquires Quest Integrity Baker Hughes has announced an agreement to acquire Quest Integrity, a subsidiary of Team, Inc and a global leader in the development and delivery of technology-enabled asset inspection and reliability management solutions across the pipeline, refining, petrochemical and power generation sectors. This complements Baker Hughes’ existing asset integrity offerings and will support customers with the delivery of actionable insights on a broader range of industrial infrastructure. Baker Hughes’ asset integrity ...Read More.
Evident Wind Blade Inspection System Automates Ultrasonic Testing Evident (Tokyo, Japan), a wholly owned subsidiary of Olympus comprising its former Scientific Solutions Division as of April 2022, developed its Wind Blade Inspection System (WBIS) using Industry 4.0 technologies to automate and digitize the time-consuming, labor-intensive process of manual nondestructive testing (NDT) for large components like composite wind blades. The concept for the technology originated as a development led by Vestas (Aarhus, Denmark) with partners Evident, Eckhart Automation ...Read More.
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