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Vizaar Vuman E3
Quebec, QC Quebec, Canada
World First Non-Proprietary Cloud Solutions for NDT Reduce your manpower cost - the shortest path from your NDT equipment to the cloud. Nubitus is an ideal way to manage and transfer your data to your secured data servers, cloud solutions, or simply by e-mail. Nubitus acts as a simple USB storage device; it automatically transmits files to the cloud. Combined with the Nubitus mobile application, files can be sent to multiple destinations. The solution allows GPS position, encryption, and compression to be added to your data. This is a perfect solution to gather data from devices that do n
Terrebonne, QC Quebec, Canada
Nita Smart Labeling Systems is respected as the most technologically advanced fully automatic inline labeling system manufactured in North America today. You CANNOT find a more rugged, easier to use and simpler to maintain machine. Nita Labelers feature no-charge servicing and adjustments via login over the internet, 100% NON-PROPRIETARY software that manages completely off-the-shelf programmable Servo drives, motors and electronics (NO PLC’s or Micro-Processor Boards!), fully synchronized functions that auto-adjust in unison with the speed of the conveyor, a color coded and scaled recipe syst
Lachine, QC Quebec, Canada
Batching systems and moisture measurement for concrete plants, weighing systems and load cells.Batching, ready-mix management and dispatching, moisture measurement, concrete plants and weighing systems Pipe production in Hong Kong World leaders in Batching Controls, Moisture Measurement, Silo Weighing, Concrete Mixers, Overhead Conveying and Weighing Systems Sicoma North America, Concrete Mixers RL Scales Inc., OEM Scales Silo weighing & Inventory J. McCoy Equipment, Concrete Plants & Equipment Jamieson Equipment Company, Concrete plants & Equipment Badger Systems, Concrete plants & Equipment
Brossard, QC Quebec, Canada
Industrial Goods and Services Factory Automation Automatic Bag Openers and Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors Click Here for the FLASH version Automatic Bag Openers and Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors Manufacturing Automatic Bag Openers and Tubular Drag Chain Conveyors - Automated bag opening systems for paper, jute, burlap bags (50 lbs. to 200 lbs. bag weight), paper & aluminum foil sachet and pouch openers. - Tubular drag chain conveyors for powder and granular material (including hot product), engineered for multi-directional conveying in a dust free environment using he
St-Hubert, QC Quebec, Canada
Automatic truck loading systems and shipping equipment for trailers allowing regular loading and shipping automation with pallets, slip-sheets, racks and other types of unit loads.Automated truck loading systems and equipment Automated truck loading system Automated shipping, shipping, Automated truck loading, truck, truck, loading, Trailer loading, trailer, Truck loading, Loading automation, Loading systems, Automation, Shipping automation, Trailer loading systems, Automated Loading equipment , Truck loading system. In response to ever-growing demand for automated shipping, PACO has developed
Mistras Group