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Sensor Networks
Shanghai China
Shanghai Shuosong Electronic Technology is a high technology enterprise that specialized in analytical window researching and manufacturing. We have cooperated with many companies and research centers since its set up. Our main products include beryllium foil, brazed beryllium window, beryllium window in CF flange for Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines, brazed diamond window and sapphire vacuum viewports. The leakage is less than 1.0*10^-10 Pa.M3/s. The maximum diameter we can braze is up to 210mm. All product in Shuosong Electronic Technology is custom fabricated, we accept customized
Taipei Taiwan TAIWAN
Welcome to Gredmann Web Site world wide office : Gredmann Taiwan Gredmann China Gredmann Beijing Gredmann Shanghai Gredmann USA Gredmann Hong Kong Gredmann Thailand Gredmann Korea Vacuum Deposition Material Div High-Tech Material Div. Magnetic Material Div. Semiconductor,OE Material Div. Research Material Div. Microwave Material Div. Thin Film & Tools Div. Hard Facing Material Div. Electric-Engineering Material Div. Powder Material Div. Metal Alloy Div. Conductive Paste Div. Electro-Ceramic Material Div. Ferrite & Magnet Material Div . Flame Retardant Material Div . Surface Treatment Material
Cleveland, OH Ohio, United States
Industrial Goods and Services MetalsBrush Wellman: Manufacturer of beryllium copper alloys and high performance materials BRUSH WELLMAN is a Engineered Materials Company Download the latest issue NOW! Copper, Nickel and Beryllium Products Alloy 390 Brush 60 Brush 1915 (Leaded Nickel Copper) BrushBronze (Aluminum Nickel Bronze) BrushBronze EQX20 (Copper Phosphorus) Copper Beryllium moldMAX moldMAX XL (Copper Nickel Tin) Nickel Beryllium PROtherm ToughMet (Copper Nickel Tin) ToughMet is the 900-lb Gorilla of Bearing Materials High Beryllium Products AlBeMet (Aluminum Beryllium) Acoustics Berylli
Mistras Group