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Electrical Noise




12/5/2001 9:09:19 AM


We have several ultrasonic inspection systems and are experiencing electrical noise to some degree with each of them. All of the systems have isolation transformers but are still experiencing some electrical noise. I have been told that they are picking up stray electrical noise from adjacent equipment. Has anyone else also experienced this problem? And if so, how have you eliminated the noise problem?


todd endrud
8/7/2002 5:15:16 PM
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Subject: noise

don't assume that you're noise is coming from the power side. Most likely the are AC motors in use on your delivery system. just a thought that it is most likely coming from your shielded UT cabling (rg-174 or 58) then the noise gets amplified throught your pulser/amplifier circiut. look into the ut signal with a scope it should be fairly obvious what it is after that. possibly a shield ground to chassis ground would reduce your signal to noise ratio.

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