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4/12/2024: United States - Work from Home - ET Data Review (NAS-410) - National Inspection & Co
4/12/2024: FL - Live & Work in SW Florida - Full Time NDT Technician - National Inspection & Co
4/12/2024: GA - PAUT Techs - All ATS Facilities - Applied Technical Servic
4/12/2024: TX - API 570 & UT Tech - Aegeus
4/11/2024: TX - RT Technician - Acuren
4/11/2024: CA - Phased Array / Eddy Current Technician - National Inspection & Co
4/11/2024: TX - NDT Coordinator - Acuren

Nondestructive Testing News

Mainsci Technology Mainsci is an online marketplace for electronic parts with one of the world's largest on-hand inventories. Find over 2.5 million MPNs. ...Read More.
Load Cell Central Load Cell Central is a leading load cell manufacturer, delivering cutting-edge custom solutions for electronic weighing systems and components, weighing assemblies, and load cell repairs. Our expertise spans a wide range of applications, including the development of custom electronic load cell-based weighing systems, interchangeable replacement load cells, and specialized load cells and weighing assemblies. Whether you're in need of industrial scales, a load cell, or solutions for force measurement, center ...Read More.
Magkraft Announces Multidirectional Magnetic Particle Test Bench Magkraft Integrated Private Limited proudly announces the launch of it’s multidirectional magnetic particle test benches. In conventional MPI equipment, the magnetic fields in two directions are achieved by using head shot & coil shot. Headshot generates circular magnetic field which indicates longitudinal flaws. Coil shot generates longitudinal magnetic field which shows transverse flaws. For detecting defects in all directions, the part has to be sprayed with magnetic powder, magnetized & inspecte ...Read More.
Enhancements Unveiled in MapROVER™ and SteerROVER™ for Corrosion and Weld Inspection WALTHAM, Mass., (March 5, 2024)— Evident Corporation, a leader in innovative inspection solutions, proudly announces significant advancements in operability and versatility with its field-proven phased array inspection solutions, the MapROVER™ and SteerROVER™ scanners. To help resolve on-site challenges, these scanners offer new capabilities that ease weld and corrosion inspections of hard-to-reach areas and high-temperature surfaces of pipes, large tanks and pressure vessels. Enhancing User Experience ...Read More.
Redesigned PipeWIZARD™ iX Automated Girth Weld Inspection System WALTHAM, Mass., (February 27, 2024) A mainstay girth weld inspection solution for over a decade, the PipeWIZARD™ iX automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) system has been optimized to redefine pipeline weld joint assessments. Building upon the ruggedness and reliability of its field-proven predecessor, the PipeWIZARD™ iX system’s redesign sets a new standard for ease of operation and adaptability. It has also been updated with more powerful and versatile data acquisition technology, increasing the efficiency an ...Read More.
Ultra-Thin IPLEX™ TX II Videoscope Enables Better Imaging in Small Spaces WALTHAM, Mass., (February 1, 2024) The new IPLEX™ TX II videoscope combines the versatility of a 2.2 mm diameter flexible scope with an ultra-thin 1.8 mm rigid scope in a single package, enabling users to choose the best setup for their remote visual inspection application. The result is a videoscope that offers easier insertion in the smallest spaces, so inspectors can reach their targets fast and acquire the high-quality images they need to make decisions. See More The videoscope’s 120-degree field of ...Read More.
Flyability Launches Drone-based UT Measurement Payload SINGAPORE, March 7, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Flyability, the market leader in confined space drones, launched its revolutionary Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement (UTM) payload for the Elios 3 drone at its headquarters in Paudex, Switzerland. Developed in partnership with Cygnus Instruments, a leading ultrasonic testing (UT) expert, this innovative solution empowers industries across APAC to safely and efficiently inspect steel thickness in hard-to-reach or hazardous environments and confined spaces, such as ship ...Read More.
AWSCWI.COM Launches Nationwide Tank Welding Inspection Service AWSCWI.COM launches a new Tank Welding Inspection service nationwide, offering unparalleled expertise and ensuring industry compliance. Our Tank Welding Inspection service represents our dedication to excellence and safety in the welding industry. By employing top-tier AWS CWI certified inspectors and adhering to critical codes..."— Matthew J. Behlen UNITED STATES, March 29, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ -- AWSCWI.COM, a leading provider of specialized welding inspection services, is proud to announce the l ...Read More.
Non-destructive Testing of Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Sub-Terahertz Reflected Wavest Abstract Terahertz (THz) and sub-terahertz (sub-THz) waves are unexplored waves between the infrared and microwave ranges. This range features unique characteristics of both light resolution and electromagnetic wave transmission. Sub-THz waves are part of attractive new diagnostic methods for inner objects because they are safer than normal non-destructive inspection methods involving high energy, such as X-rays. In this study, a novel non-contact and non-destructive inspection method for reinfor ...Read More.
Mike Hamel joins AINDT Team We are thrilled to share that Mike Hamel has become a vital part of the AINDT family, taking on the role of Director of Business Development. Boasting over three decades of expertise in Nondestructive Testing, including a distinguished 17-year tenure as President of Test Equipment Distributors (TEDNDT), Mike brings unparalleled industry acumen and forward-thinking vision to the American Institute of Nondestructive Testing. In his new capacity, Mike will be actively engaging with our existing clientele, see ...Read More.
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