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Inspection and NDT Jobs

3/27/2020: AL - NDT Level II Radiographer Needed - U.S. Inspection & NDT, L
3/27/2020: NM - NDT Level II Radiographer Needed - U.S. Inspection & NDT, L
3/27/2020: WV - NDT Level II Radiographer Needed - U.S. Inspection & NDT, L
3/27/2020: VA - NDT Level II Radiographer Needed - U.S. Inspection & NDT, L
3/27/2020: PA - NDT Level II Radiographer Needed - U.S. Inspection & NDT, L
3/27/2020: IL - Trainee/Assistant RT, MT - McNDT Pipeline, Ltd.
3/27/2020: IL - Level II RT, UTT, MT, PT - McNDT Pipeline, Ltd.
3/25/2020: CT - Level II / III X-Ray and Film Readers - Mistras Group
3/24/2020: VA - UT Shearwave Tech - VA - National Inspection & Co
3/24/2020: GA - API 510,570,653 Inspector - Acuren Inspection

Nondestructive Testing News

NDE 4.0 YouTube Channel Welcome to the World of NDE 4.0 A couple of days ago I started a YouTube Channel on Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE), Industrie 4.0, and their interaction. The first two videos, the introduction to this topic and an overview of the four industrial revolutions, are already live. Please subscribe to the channel so that you will not miss the upcoming videos: Here you can find the two direct links to the videos: https: ...Read More.
Cost Reduction for Pump Manufacturing Industries Materials used for Pumps comes from Foundries which are produced by melting and pouring, during the process various defects shall occur, few of them are as follows * Cracks * Blow Holes * Shrinkages * Hot tears * Cold Shut * Piping * Laminations * Laps * Inclutions * Segregation and much more.. All the defects cannot be identified by Visually, internal defects and minor surface defects can be identified by involving non destructive testing methods, which will save us plenty ...Read More.
Neurala Partners with Optelos to Deliver AI-Powered Industrial Inspections AI-powered visual inspection pioneer Neurala today announced a collaboration with Optelos, the developer of the industry’s first patented enterprise SaaS platform designed to fully operationalize digital asset inspection and management. Neurala’s AI will be integrated with Optelos’ platform to deliver AI-powered industrial inspections, increasing the productivity for asset inspectors while reducing the time from defect identification to remediation – saving time and money while reducing risk. Optelos is ...Read More.
Versa Integrity Group Acquires Element Integrity Group Versa Integrity Group, Inc. ("Versa"), an industry leader in a wide range of non-destructive industrial inspection and testing, has closed a transaction to acquire Element Integrity Group, Inc. ("Element"). Element provides innovative mechanical integrity and non-destructive testing services to the petrochemical industry, including in consulting, program implementation, inspection, verification and testing. Element has over 60 employees across offices in Bartlesville, OK, Karnes City, TX and Houston, TX. ...Read More.
Non-Destructive Testing of Additive Manufactured Parts It is one of the most exciting developments in manufacturing: a set of technologies that can produce complex objects in a range of materials, from precious metals to glass, or even concrete. Additive manufacturing (AM) was once simply referred to as 3D printing, but given the range of materials, scales, applications and industry sectors it is being utilized in, the term has proved unable to fully describe it. The ability to design a sophisticated part for aviation or space exploration (or even a ...Read More.
CNDE Grad Student Katelyn Brinker Receives Second NASA Fellowship Katelyn Brinker, a graduate student in electrical engineering, has received a second NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship (NSTRF). The fellowship will support Brinker’s Ph.D. research developing chipless RFID nondestructive evaluation techniques, incorporating new tag designs and microwave imaging to increase utility. NSTRF, which starting in 2020 is now the NASA Space Technology Graduate Research Opportunities (NSTGRO) program, supports graduate students in their education and research into low ...Read More.
ATH NDT Limited Expands NDT Market Penetration With a marked rise in the demand for non-destructive testing (NDT) supplies in the country and across the globe, ATH NDT Equipment and Services has emerged as a leading go-to company for the best NDT supplies. According to Research and Markets, the NDT market is expected to cross USD 20.25 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of 6.5%. Safety being a major concern in recent years coupled with fluctuation of oil prices and instability in the Middle East, one that happens to be the major point of investment for suppl ...Read More.
NDT program at Cowley College Recognized by Berg Engineering Cowley College’s Non-Destructive Testing program was recognized in a recent article by Berg Engineering as one of "The 20 best NDT Schools in the United States". NDT is testing that does not destroy the test object. NDT is vital for constructing and maintaining all types of components and structures. To detect different defects such as cracking and corrosion, there are different methods of testing available, such as X-ray and ultrasound. Along with face-to-face classroom instruction, Cowley also offer ...Read More.
ICI Reveals Ethernet-based FMX 320 and FMX 640 Infrared Cameras Infrared Cameras Incorporated, a long-time player in the thermal and infrared camera industry, has just launched its series of fixed mounted Ethernet based cameras which can be used for process control, research and development, machine vision, medical research, security, and many other applications. The FMX 640 and FMX 320 cameras are sensitive, extremely accurate, and are Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) compliant. They are available for purchase today and are made to order in the USA. The FMX 640 and FMX 3 ...Read More.
MB Dynamics Announces 600th Successful Field Installation of Vibration Exciter System March 30, 2020 – Cleveland, Ohio, USA – MB Dynamics, Inc. ( (MB), field-proven industry experts of nearly 40 years in the design, manufacture, and supply of vibration test systems and equipment, including buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR) test systems, steering test systems, and suspension component test systems; modal exciters and amplifiers; single- and multi-DUT automated accelerometer calibration systems; dynamic controllers; transducer calibration systems; and test engineering services, ...Read More.