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ViewTech Borescopes Gains Sales as Inspection Scope Demand Growth Continues Posted: As countless industries have faced an economic crunch during the 2020 global pandemic, ViewTech Borescopes no-cost, no-obligation demo offer has allowed businesses to experience how a high-quality inspection video borescope can reduce inspection times, while improving inspection processes. Two of ViewTech Borescopes newest clients acquired during November business trialed the VJ-3 video borescope prior to ownership. When the world’s largest food packaging company needed to replace their weld and pipe qua ...Read More.
Researchers Demonstrate Nondestructive Infrared Imaging Using Entangled Photons Posted: Researchers have shown that entangled photons can be used to improve the penetration depth of optical coherence tomography (OCT) in highly scattering materials. The method represents a way to perform OCT with mid-infrared wavelengths and could be useful for non-destructive testing and analysis of materials such as ceramics and paint samples. OCT is a nondestructive imaging method that provides detailed 3D images of subsurface structures. OCT is typically performed using visible or near-infrared wavelengt ...Read More.
Integro to Bring 3-D Imaging Manufacturing to North Carolina Posted: Integro Technologies Corp., an industrial automation company, will create 30 new jobs, over five years, in Rowan County with a $2.67 million investment for additional assembly, logistic solution prototyping and manufacturing space in Salisbury, Governor Roy Cooper announced today. "Today’s expansion by Integro Technologies showcases our state’s productive, tech-savvy workforce," Governor Cooper said. "This homegrown North Carolina company provides customized inspection solutions that meet the fast- ...Read More.
Team Plans Aerospace Testing Center in Cincinnati Posted: International public company Team Inc., who performs maintenance and repairs at industrial sites like refineries and pipelines, is looking at expanding its operations in Cincinnati. Team Industrial Services Inc. (Team Inc.) is eyeing plans to establish an aerospace inspection and testing center in Cincinnati. The testing center would create 75 jobs generating $4.8 million in new annual payroll. The Ohio Tax Credit Authority approved a nearly 1.6%, eight-year tax credit for Team (NYSE: TISI). As ...Read More.
BINDT Clarifies ISO 9712 and PCN Certification Post-Brexit Posted: EU/International Recognition of PCN certification (UKAS Accreditation) from 1st January 2021 The PCN Scheme is an international programme for the certification of conformance of non-destructive testing personnel which satisfies the requirements of a number of European and international standards. ISO 9712 is the internationally recognised and widely accepted standard for qualification and 3rd party certification of NDT personnel and the UK's departure from the EU does not affect the validity of PCN ce ...Read More.
IONIX LAUNCHES NEW HS582I ACCESSORIES Posted: Ionix has recently launched new accessories and couplants for the HS582i, its leading Dual UT Probe for High Temperature Scanning and Spot Inspection. HS582i was launched in April 2020 and utilises the leading Ionix HotSense™ technology to enable on-stream, high temperature, thickness measurements and corrosion surveys. The new Dual Probe accessories include: - Extension handles - detachable handles to extend the reach of the HotSense probes to provide extra grip when wearing PPE and protect the ...Read More.
Infrasense Evaluates Missouri Bridge Decks using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Infrared Thermography (IR) Posted: Infrasense recently evaluated the condition of 20 bridge decks primarily located in St. Louis and St. Joseph, Missouri. The deck evaluations were carried out using vehicle-based ground penetrating radar (GPR), infrared thermography (IR), and high-resolution video (HRV) equipment operated at driving speeds. The GPR and IR methods are carried out according to ASTM specifications D6087-08(2015) and D4788-03(2013), respectively. Following the field surveys, the data is transferred to Infrasense’s headquarter ...Read More.
Leeb D & G Rebound Hardness Tester Released in US by Berg Engineering Posted: The SonoDur 3 Leeb D & G probes provide a hybrid solution – matching the current digital Ultrasonic Contact Impedance (UCI) testing method with Leeb hardness testing. With UCI and Leeb available in one product, you can obtain instant and reliable hardness results on a virtually limitless range of objects, from large metals with a rough surface area, to the small and complexly shaped. Uniquely, this new product release includes a stand-alone Leeb D & G product, which provides an affordable option and fulfill ...Read More.
AWS Announces Five Industrial Machine Learning Services Posted: Today at AWS re:Invent, Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), an Amazon.com company (NASDAQ: AMZN), announced Amazon Monitron, Amazon Lookout for Equipment, the AWS Panorama Appliance, the AWS Panorama SDK, and Amazon Lookout for Vision. Together, these five new machine learning services help industrial and manufacturing customers embed intelligence in their production processes in order to improve operational efficiency, quality control, security, and workplace safety. The services combine sophisticated machine ...Read More.
PCE Americas Introduces Nondestructive Moisture Meter Posted: The New PCE-PMI 4 - A Versatile Moisture Meter for Concrete and Many Other Materials New or subsequently soaked concrete components, screeds and plasters may only be coated with other materials when they have dried sufficiently. Otherwise, there is a risk that the coatings may flake off. The duration of the drying process depends on the level of moisture and the temperature and humidity on site. Material moisture meters which measure with electrical methods make it possible to assess the progress of the ...Read More.
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