Eddyfi Releases New PAUT/TFM Solution Posted: As the world leader in advanced non-destructive testing solutions, Eddyfi Technologies is pleased to announce the release of the new M2M Mantis PAUT flaw detector with TFM. Mantis is a robust and lightweight flaw detector offering UT, PAUT, TOFD, and TFM through the streamlined user interface called Capture™. Based on a 16:64PR architecture with three different models, Mantis addresses both general and advanced applications without compromising productivity. The lightweight counterpart to the establis ...Read More.
Computed Radiography to Increase Efficiency in Heat Exchanger Inspection Posted: The solution developed by OK CONTROL, a service company located in Italy, could only be made possible with the use of imaging plates or X-ray films owing to the fact that they are flexible and can be customized in size and shape. Using Computed Radiography improved the efficiency drastically due to reduced exposure time and an extremely fast workflow. For example, a customer manufacturing cooling systems used in nuclear plants requested OK CONTROL to inspect heat exchangers which contain tube sheets. The ...Read More.
Drones in the Power Industry: The Case for Resiliency Posted: The power industry was an early adopter of drone technology, but in this insider piece Andre Louis-Ferdinand says that the sector continues to find new applications and new uses for drones – especially in these challenging times. The linked article is a guest post by Andre Louis-Ferdinand, Head of UAS Technology at Natural Power, an independent consultancy and global service provider for the renewable energy industry posted on DroneLife.com. The article begins: As we navigate our way through ...Read More.
Teledyne, Lucid and Matrox Deliver On-Demand 3D-Vision Webinar Posted: Many applications in inspection and measurement require depth/height information for identification of features in multiple planes. In these cases, 2D cameras often simply do not provide enough data. However, 3D machine vision components continue to evolve and add a new dimension to machine vision systems.

On May 13, Perry C. West, Founder and President, Automated Vision Systems, Inc., will talk about how 3D imaging technology can be used in industrial inspection applications to accomplish variou ...Read More.

Wood and NERA to Develop AI Subsea Inspection Tool Posted: Wood and NERA (National Energy Resources Australia) have announced a new partnership to develop and deliver a solution for the inspection of critical industrial equipment, particularly for subsea oil and gas infrastructure. By leveraging the power of cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Wood’s Augmented Machine Vision Solution provides a real-time inspection device capable of autonomously detecting and categorising equipment anomalies. The solution has the potential to revolutionise t ...Read More.
EPRI Applies Airline Industry Inspection Technique for Industrial Gas Turbines Posted: The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) has evaluated the application of an inspection technology developed for jet aircraft engines to help operate industrial and power sector gas turbines more safely and reliably. EPRI's evaluation focused on applying Vibrant Corporations Process Compensated Resonance Testing (PCRT) for hot section blades, finding that the technology's use can decrease the risk of turbine blade failure and extend the useful life of gas turbine components—enhancing safe operation whil ...Read More.
ETher NDE Extends Warranty to Three Years Posted: ETher NDE is proud to officially announce the extension of the Standard Manufacturer Warranty period to 3 years on three of our leading eddy current flaw detectors - the WeldCheck Series, AeroCheck Series and the ETherCheck range. The manufacturer’s warranty covers all components of the instrument and will only exclude customer damage or misuse. In addition to this ETher NDE have also revised ETherCover, our Extended Warranty cover, to operate on two levels with instruments categorised accordingly. Th ...Read More.
Eddyfi Launches SENSU 2ACFM® Compliant Array Probe Posted: Quebec, QC, June 9, 2020 – As the world leader in advanced non-destructive testing solutions, Eddyfi Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of the Sensu 2 ACFM® Compliant Array Probe for crack detection and sizing in ferritic welds, from its TSC product line. The new Sensu 2 compliant array is the first true ACFM, high-performance probe to unleash the processing power of the TSC Amigo™ 2 ACFM instrument. Increasing productivity by 20 times compared to current ACFM probes, the new solution featur ...Read More.
North Star Imaging Brings New High Energy X-ray System to the West Coast Posted: North Star Imaging is proud to announce the move of its West Coast Inspection Services business to a much larger testing facility in Aliso Viejo, California. The new facility provides more space for expansion, more warehousing for larger parts to be brought in for x-ray scanning services, and more room to introduce new innovations as the business continues to grow. "We know that this year is, and continues to be, a very hard year for everyone due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, as a business, we are all very e ...Read More.
Olympus Remote Demonstration FAQs Posted: We love connecting with our customers in person and conducting product demonstrations at a customer’s site location or at one of our worldwide Olympus office locations. When we can’t meet in person, a remote demonstration is the next best thing. If you’re interested in learning more about our Olympus IMS Scientific Solutions and how our products can work for you and your application, schedule a remote demonstration below to find out! How does a remote demo work? Our remote demos include live aud ...Read More.
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