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Telia and Ericsson ONE to Transform Industrial Inspection Posted: Swedish industry is set to benefit from a new partnership between Nordic communications provider Telia and Ericsson’s internal accelerator, Ericsson ONE, to perform livestream industrial inspections via drones navigating Telia’s mobile network. The companies have created the first video streaming service in Sweden for industrial drones operating in hard-to-reach places. The innovation is the latest development in the longstanding Ericsson-Telia strategic partnership. Built with Ericsson ONE’s new dron ...Read More.
FAA’s BEYOND Drone Initiative Welcomes New Partners Posted: A Presidential Memorandum established the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Integration Pilot Program (IPP) on October 25, 2017. The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) instituted it as a three-year program to enable state, local, and tribal governments, in collaboration with industry to advance more complex UAS operations in the National Airspace System (NAS). Under the IPP, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) executed Memoranda of Agreement (MOAs) with 10 state, local, and tribal governments to co ...Read More.
NDT Global Completes Acquisition of Halfwave Posted: NDT Global is delighted to announce the integration of Halfwave inspection services into the NDT Global business. Halfwave is the owner of the proprietary Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART), an ultrasound-based technique which allows high-precision measurements in imperfect conditions and without the need for liquid couplant. The ART technique allows NDT Global to officially enter the in-service gas pipeline segment and present a competitive alternative to MFL and EMAT testing. Halfwave AS was acquired by ...Read More.
Baugh and Weedon Introduces Danatronic’s MTG-99 Posted: Baugh & Weedon Ltd is pleased to now be able to offer Danatronic’s MTG-99, magnetic thickness gauge, to the UK inspection market. Simple to use, the MTG-99 non-destructively measures the thickness of any non-ferrous material up to 2.5cms thick, with access to both sides. Typical applications include plastic bottles, toys, containers, tubing, titanium, aluminium and copper tubes and pipes as well as composite structures. A broad range of target balls are available to work with different shapes and sur ...Read More.
Ericsson wins OnGo Award for Industrial IoT Posted: The OnGo Alliance today announced that Ericsson has won an OnGo award for "Excellence in OnGo Industrial IoT Deployment." The first annual OnGo Awards highlights the market impact of shared spectrum in the 3.5 GHz CBRS band. Ericsson was selected based on its accomplishments deploying OnGo-based 4G private networks for six use cases at the Ericsson USA 5G smart factory in Lewisville, Texas. "Putting Ericsson’s Industry Connect solution on OnGo shared spectrum has led our 5G smart factory operations to be ...Read More.
Can Artificial Intelligence Explain Itself? Posted: As an end user, you may never have to work with artificial intelligence from a developer’s perspective, but knowing how it works is key to ensuring its successful use. Fortunately, the technology can explain itself. Though the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing across the industrial automation spectrum, many in industry are still unclear about its application and benefits. This is not surprising considering that AI applications are not something most end users will ever knowingly dir ...Read More.
Drone Systems for Beyond Line of Sight Industrial Inspection Posted: The Future Flight Challenge brings together 16 UK organisations, Terra Drone and Sky-Futures, to build an autonomous drone system for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS). A UK project is aiming to develop and test a remotely operated drone system for challenging industrial and urban environments. The consortium, led by specialist drone command and control system developer, sees.ai, includes 16 organisations such as BAE Systems, the UK’s National Air Traffic Control Services (NATS) and nuclear oper ...Read More.
On-Demand Webinar: Maximize the Benefits of TFM Inspections Posted: Zetec has posted an on-demand webinar on how to maximize the capabilities of full matrix capture (FMC) and the total focusing method (TFM) algorithm. The webinar, presented by Guy Maes, Sales Engineer Director UT for Zetec, is designed for NDT service providers, technicians, and asset-owners who are looking for insight and guidance on how to best apply FMC and TFM for a code-compliant, high-quality inspection. The session will highlight new tools for Zetec’s TOPAZ®64 phased array ultrasonic testing (UT) ...Read More.
DÜRR NDT Introduces Flat Panel Detector for X-ray Inspection of Elongated Structures Posted: 10 x 24 cm is one of the most commonly used formats for radiographic films in industrial radiography and DÜRR NDT now supports this popular film format with the new DRC 1024 NDT flat panel detector. This panel offers a compact digital solution for inspection tasks on elongated structures, for example in weld seam testing where longitudinal and circumferential welds are frequently inspected on pipe and hose lines. The DRC 1024 NDT flat panel detector was designed from the ground up for industrial use, unl ...Read More.
Pipe Identification Simplified with Pipecheck 3 Posted: The PipeCheck 3 is the latest in the PipeCheck Series which has been used successfully in the UK water, gas and petrochemical industries for many years. With an established reputation for reliability and enhancing safety, the PipeCheck 3 is now housed in a more rugged and ergonomic case, developed with the operator in mind. PipeCheck 3 is a simple to use hand-held instrument which positively identifies pipes filled with water and other fluids, using ultrasound. PipeCheck 3 is designed to address the ma ...Read More.
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