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Nikon Releases its Latest Metal Additive Manufacturing System Posted: TOKYO - Nikon Corporation (Nikon) is pleased to announce the release of its next-generation metal additive manufacturing system, the Lasermeister LM300A, which uses Directed Energy Deposition (DED) technology, as well as the complementary 3D scanner, Lasermeister SB100. These industry-leading products represent the latest strategic additions to the Nikon Advanced Manufacturing solutions portfolio. The Lasermeister 100A metal additive manufacturing system series was launched targeting mainly research purp ...Read More.
Study on Monitoring Broken Rails Posted: Real-time monitoring of broken rails in heavy haul railways is crucial for ensuring the safe operation of railway lines. U78CrV steel is a common material used for heavy haul line rails in China. In this study, the semi-analytical finite element (SAFE) method is employed to calculate the dispersion curves and modal shapes of ultrasonic guided waves in U78CrV heavy steel rails. Guided wave modes that are suitable for detecting rail cracks across the entire cross-section are selected based on the total energy ...Read More.
GMV Showcases its Robotic Inspection Capabilities Posted: GMV showcased its experience and capabilities in the field of robotic inspection during a demonstration carried out at Messer Ibérica’s facilities. In this demonstration, held during the meeting of the Chemical Business Association of Tarragona (AEQT)’s Innovation and Technology Committee GMV presented uPathWay, a grounbreaking solution designed for industrial inspection tasks. GMV presented uPathWay as a comprehensive solution that allows vehicles to operate autonomously, offering an effective response ...Read More.
3 Predictions for Industrial Robots Posted: The use of robots in industry in 2024 will be marked by "a growing focus on the critical role of AI (artificial intelligence)," said Marc Segura, president of ABB Robotics Division. "From mobile robots and cobots, to enabling new robotic applications in new sectors and creating new opportunities for people to learn and develop, these new frontiers for AI are redefining the future of industrial robotics." To clarify, Segura noted three specific drivers for robotics-driven AI systems he sees playing ...Read More.
EMFI Technology Development for Rolling Contact Fatigue Characterization in Rails Posted: ATLANTA - Railway Track & Structures, April Issue: Optimal management of rolling contact fatigue (RCF) in rails requires reliable, effective, and efficient non-destructive evaluation (NDE) technologies for detecting and characterizing surface damages. MxV Rail worked in conjunction with Canada-based Athena Industrial Services, Ltd. (Athena) to introduce in-motion electromagnetic field imaging (EMFI) technology as a means of detecting and characterizing rolling contact fatigue (RCF) in rails. A tech ...Read More.
No more disruption to production! Posted: Keeping the balance of production and maintenance is never an easy task, especially when it comes to hazardous environments. Here is our latest addition to Cygnus’ diverse UT range: a fantastic new accessory expanding the applications of the Cygnus 1 Ex Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge. The new Cygnus High-Temperature Ex Probe, like the Ex gauge, is certified for use in all hazardous areas: Zone 0, 1 and 2. Coupled with the Ex gauge, the equipment can measure wall thickness, corrosion or erosion of hot assets in- ...Read More.
Magkraft Announces Multidirectional Magnetic Particle Test Bench Posted: Magkraft Integrated Private Limited proudly announces the launch of it’s multidirectional magnetic particle test benches. In conventional MPI equipment, the magnetic fields in two directions are achieved by using head shot & coil shot. Headshot generates circular magnetic field which indicates longitudinal flaws. Coil shot generates longitudinal magnetic field which shows transverse flaws. For detecting defects in all directions, the part has to be sprayed with magnetic powder, magnetized & inspecte ...Read More.
Enhancements Unveiled in MapROVER™ and SteerROVER™ for Corrosion and Weld Inspection Posted: WALTHAM, Mass., (March 5, 2024)— Evident Corporation, a leader in innovative inspection solutions, proudly announces significant advancements in operability and versatility with its field-proven phased array inspection solutions, the MapROVER™ and SteerROVER™ scanners. To help resolve on-site challenges, these scanners offer new capabilities that ease weld and corrosion inspections of hard-to-reach areas and high-temperature surfaces of pipes, large tanks and pressure vessels. Enhancing User Experience ...Read More.
Redesigned PipeWIZARD™ iX Automated Girth Weld Inspection System Posted: WALTHAM, Mass., (February 27, 2024) A mainstay girth weld inspection solution for over a decade, the PipeWIZARD™ iX automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) system has been optimized to redefine pipeline weld joint assessments. Building upon the ruggedness and reliability of its field-proven predecessor, the PipeWIZARD™ iX system’s redesign sets a new standard for ease of operation and adaptability. It has also been updated with more powerful and versatile data acquisition technology, increasing the efficiency an ...Read More.
Ultra-Thin IPLEX™ TX II Videoscope Enables Better Imaging in Small Spaces Posted: WALTHAM, Mass., (February 1, 2024) The new IPLEX™ TX II videoscope combines the versatility of a 2.2 mm diameter flexible scope with an ultra-thin 1.8 mm rigid scope in a single package, enabling users to choose the best setup for their remote visual inspection application. The result is a videoscope that offers easier insertion in the smallest spaces, so inspectors can reach their targets fast and acquire the high-quality images they need to make decisions. See More The videoscope’s 120-degree field of ...Read More.
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