Zetec Webinar Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection
Toshiba Imaging Releases 1.6mm Chip-on-Tip Video Borescope Posted: Toshiba America Information Systems’ (TAIS) Imaging Systems Division introduces a small, digital video borescope with illumination, the SV-1000. The small, water- resistant chip-on-tip inspection camera measures only 1.6 mm diam. and features an integrated LED light for illumination within the 1.9-meter flexible shaft. The new 1 mm x 1 mm CMOS sensor provides 400 x 400 pixel resolution with a 120-degree field-of-view (FOV) lens. The SV-1000 is a two piece system comprising the flexible shaft inspection came ...Read More.
West Star Aviation Receives Cessna Approval as an Authorized Independent NDI Facility Posted: West Star Aviation’s Chattanooga facility has received Cessna approval as an authorized independent Nondestructive Inspection (NDI) facility. This approval allows West Star to perform Nondestructive Testing and Inspections (NDT) requirements on Cessna models, as well as access to documentation and the required standards/kits needed to perform this work. This approval is in addition to a wide-variety of approvals and capabilities West Star currently has to service Cessna aircraft, which extend beyond bein ...Read More.
TowerJazz Adds 65nm Capability for Image Sensor Processing Posted: TowerJazz, the global specialty foundry leader, today announced the Company is increasing its technology portfolio that is compliant with ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) by adding 65nm technology access for next-generation ROICs (Readout Integrated Circuits), enabling essential military and space applications critical to national defense. ROICs are used for reading infrared and ultraviolet detectors in military surveillance and other applications ranging from x-ray astronomy to security and ...Read More.
Varex Imaging To Showcase Digital Detector at ASNT 2018 Posted: Varex Imaging Corporation (Nasdaq: VREX) will exhibit its latest industrial Nondestructive Testing (NDT) imaging products at the Annual Meeting for the American Society for Nondestructive Testing in Houston, Texas from October 28-31, 2018. ASNT Fall is attended by a large number of NDT specialists ranging from researchers to leading experts meeting at this global event to share ideas and expertise. The Varex exhibit will feature an array of its X-ray tubes and linear accelerators, digital detectors and o ...Read More.
Researchers at St. Petersburg Polytechnic Develop Novel Drilling Rig Inspection Method Posted: Researchers of Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) came closer to solving one of the key issues of offshore oil production, namely they developed a special method of nondestructive testing of drilling rig elements in the oil wells, which will ensure the efficient oil production and reduce the time and cost of equipment repair. According to scientists now it is obvious that the use of traditional nondestructive testing technologies developed in the past becomes ineffective for th ...Read More.
Nondestructive Inspection for Glazed Glass Panels Posted: Until recently, there has been a somewhat important gap to be bridged between insulating glass production and comprehensive quality control. However, to ensure that the IGU's meet the prevailing standards and norms about u-value, it is important to be able to measure the quality of the produced insulating glass units – systematically and automatically. Moreover, because of the increasing global competition and customers’ higher expectations for insulating glass performance, the industry is likely going ...Read More.
Kitov Systems, Pioneer in the Field of AI-based Automated Visual Inspection Posted: RSBG, a leading industry holding and investment company invests through HAHN Group in Kitov Systems, a technology company based in Israel, which specializes in universal solutions for visual inspection. Kitov Systems develops AI-based solutions for visual inspection in industrial manufacturing. The systems developed by Kitov reduce manufacturing costs, eliminate inefficiencies and improve quality without the need for any programming or automation expertise. Kitov Systems technology is leveraging Compute ...Read More.
FLIR Systems Announces Industry-First Deep Learning-Enabled Camera Family Posted: FLIR® Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: FLIR) today announced the FLIR Firefly® camera family, the industry’s first deep learning inference-enabled machine vision camera. The FLIR Firefly, which integrates the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ 2 Vision Processing Unit (VPU), is designed for image analysis professionals using deep learning for more accurate decisions, and faster, easier system development. Traditional rules-based software is ideal for straightforward tasks such as barcode reading or checking a manufactured ...Read More.
The Industrial Age of Drones and AI Posted: Leading UAV Service Provider Aerodyne are proud to announce today that they have broken new ground on large-scale asset management and inspection projects around the world. Just over a year since they reported the completion of 30,000 inspections, the international drone-based solutions company has passed the 200,000 mark. This remarkable growth has been fueled by their development and extensive implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate processes, increase efficiency and improve the accurac ...Read More.
Greene Tweed Achieves Nadcap Accreditation for Non-Destructive Testing Posted: Greene Tweed’s Non-Destructive Test (NDT) Lab recently completed a Nadcap accreditation audit for NDT Testing Facility Digital Radiography of composite materials, utilizing a Digital Detector Array (DDA). Greene Tweed has developed and implemented a complex-shape composite component NDT capability, known as Xyscan®, for complex-shape composite components that have proven to be impossible or impractical to evaluate using traditional NDT methods, such as ultrasonic. Xyscan® is capable of providing both 2D ...Read More.
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