UC San Diego Develops Flexible Ultrasound Patch Posted: Researchers have developed a stretchable, flexible patch that could make it easier to perform ultrasound imaging on odd-shaped structures, such as engine parts, turbines, reactor pipe elbows and railroad tracks—objects that are difficult to examine using conventional ultrasound equipment. The ultrasound patch is a versatile and more convenient tool to inspect machine and building parts for defects and damage deep below the surface. A team of researchers led by engineers at the University of California Sa ...Read More.
Zetec Moves to Expanded Headquarters Posted: Zetec Inc, a global leader in non-destructive testing (NDT) solutions, has moved to expanded headquarters in France. The move enables Zetec to better handle the regional growth that the company has been experiencing and more effectively serve customers and its distributor network in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and India (EMEAI). The office, located 12 km south of Paris, consolidates Zetec executives and staff in the region, including sales, administration and technical support, and provides space for ...Read More.
Monitran to Display 32 Channel Condition Monitoring System Posted: A 32 channel condition monitoring system will be featuring on Monitran’s stand at the Maintenance 2018 exhibition in Antwerp this March. Known as the MTN/5032, it can monitor velocity, envelope g and temperature on all channels. The microcontroller-based system has an easy-to-navigate touch screen that enables users to set thresholds and delays for up to 96 alarms individually or across all channels, as well as data sampling periods, ranges and accuracy levels. AC output data for each channel is acces ...Read More.
Element Awarded Gold Boeing Performance Excellence Award Posted: Element has announced that its Huntington Beach laboratory has been awarded the 2017 Gold Boeing Performance Excellence Award (BPEA) – an annual accolade which recognizes superior supplier performance. Element Huntington Beach achieved this superior supplier status by maintaining a Gold composite performance rating for each month of the 12-month performance period, from October 1, 2016 to September 30, 2017, highlighting its commitment to excellence in aerospace testing and customer service. The labor ...Read More.
BINDT Holds Workshop for Marine NDT Posted: This year saw the fourth NDT requirements workshop run by the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT). The Workshop on NDT Requirements for Marine Composites took place on 27 February 2018 at St Mary’s Stadium, Southampton, UK. Whilst a significant amount of non-destructive testing (NDT) is already performed on marine composites, the sector needs further support in a number of areas, including the development of NDT acceptance criteria at the design stage for manufacturing and in-service de ...Read More.
Explore Network Distributed Ultrasound with Sensor Networks Inc. Posted: Abstract: High-frequency analog RF ultrasonic signals, typically in the 1 – 10 Mhz range, are transmitted over coaxial cables. In order to maintain signal amplitude, quality and fidelity, the cables should be as short as possible – generally less than 150’ (45.7 m). For applications where very long distances are required, it becomes necessary to place the UT instrumentation close to the transducer and digitize the data before sending it the required longer distances. This paper discloses and compares thr ...Read More.
GAOTek Introduces Its Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio Tester Posted: GAOTek Inc., a leading provider of fiber optic and telecommunication testers, electronic measurement instruments and other advanced engineering products, introduces its Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio Tester, a core technological product which is specific for the on-line measurement and is useful in the detection for primary and secondary current, transformation ratio, error, phase (group) angle difference, polarity, phase sequence, and leaker in the high & low voltage current transformer and the voltage ...Read More.
Infrasense Carries out Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Infrared Thermography Evaluation of Pavement Structure in District 5, Posted: This past summer, Infrasense conducted a multi-faceted non-destructive survey and report for 84 lane miles of a section of I-86, made up of abutted concrete panels. The project provided the client with a comprehensive set of condition results to identify and map out distressed panels along the roadway. Surveys were performed at normal driving speed with no disruption to traffic. The GPR data collection system included a pair of 1 GHz horn antennas and a SIR 30 control unit, both manufactured by GSSI in ...Read More.
Data Infrastructure in Composites Manufacturing: A Growing Need Posted: In recent conversations at industry events, I have encountered a growing number of composites engineers who look bewildered when I mention mylar and fiberglass templates. Although this trend is a disconcerting sign of my lengthy career, more significantly, it underscores the advancements our industry has made in data infrastructure. In composites manufacturing, data infrastructure is the means by which design and manufacturing data are communicated to the workcell to guide and monitor fabrication of actual ...Read More.
DJI Drone Introduces Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Camera Posted: Zenmuse XT2 Thermal Camera And Payload SDK Transform DJI's Drones Into Specialized Platforms For Any Industrial Purpose Including Inspections, Public Safety And Saving Lives MENLO PARK, Calif., March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, unveiled new technology and tools to customize its enterprise drone platforms for specialized tasks such as infrastructure inspection, precision agriculture, firefighting and search and rescue. The new Zenmu ...Read More.
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