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New Distribution Agreement for America’s Leading Indoor Inspection Drones Posted: America’s leading manufacturer of miniaturized caged drones for industrial inspections and environmental monitoring, today announced a new partnership with Maverick Drone Systems of Savage, Minnesota. As a certified distributor for Skypersonic, Maverick will now be able to offer the Skycopter, Skyloc (a RTLS and telemetry gateway for GPS-denied environments), and all related accessories to its clients. "We are delighted to have Maverick as a distributor for our products and services," says Giuseppe Santa ...Read More.
Waygate Baker Hughes Introduces DXR Digital X-Ray Detectors Posted: Based on Waygate Technologies’ proven expertise in Industrial Radiography and supported by various customer success stories across different segments, the development of our most recent wireless digital X-ray detectors is a logical progression to our product portfolio. The DXR75P-HR delivers high quality, efficient imaging that’s easy to transport, easy to operate, and built to withstand even the harshest industrial conditions. The DXR75P-HR gives you the high, 75-micron pixel resolution required to dist ...Read More.
Cranfield Airport Deploys Drones to Inspect Runway Posted: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have been used to inspect the runway at Cranfield Airport remotely for the first time. The flights make use of ‘drone-in-a-box’ technology with the aim of enabling routine inspections to take place with UAVs that can be automatically deployed, recovered and recharged without the need for an on-site pilot. In the future, drones could be used to inspect other areas such as perimeter fences and take place regularly – for example, in the morning before the Airport opens ...Read More.
ViewTech Announces New VJ-3 Video Borescope Users Posted: ViewTech Borescopes continues to be the recommended and preferred nondestructive testing (NDT) visual inspection tool utilized across North America with their VJ-3 video borescope. With thousands of users relying on their VJ-3 to improve maintenance, inspection and repair processes, two of ViewTech's newest clients include a semiconductor company and a marine transportation company. One of the world's largest semiconductor companies is utilizing their technology to advance industrial IoT (IIoT) throughou ...Read More.
The Use of NDT for Surface Defects Posted: Nondestructive testing (NDT) for surface defects requires solutions that can effectively probe complex surfaces that are rough or include tight corners. Therefore, technicians need a surface-oriented approach—such as eddy current array (ECA)—that can easily overcome the challenges of unconventional contours. However, ECA technology alone is not enough to get the job done. Technicians also need quality instruments and probes that can enhance array capabilities. With efficient equipment, analysts ca ...Read More.
ABB Says New 3D Inspection Robot Ten Times Faster Posted: ABB has unveiled a new 3D inspection robot cell which it claims makes quality control testing "10 times faster". The industrial automation giant says its 3D quality inspection (3DQI) robot cell is "capable of detecting defects of less than half the width of a human hair and imperceptible to the naked eye". It adds that the cell will "dramatically accelerate production by providing fast, accurate testing to make metrology easier and less time consuming". Scalable quality inspection cell accele ...Read More.
Using Nondestructive Testing to Inspect Carbon Fiber Bicycles Posted: An undetected crack in a carbon fiber bicycle frame or component could present a large catastrophic liability to a cyclist, leading to potential injuries. Despite this, according to carbon fiber inspection and specialty repair shop Ruckus Composites (Portland, Ore., U.S.), a carbon fiber bicycle frame is one of the best bike investments a cyclist can make, due to the light weight, comfortable design, long life and repairability of carbon fiber bicycles. Ruckus Composites has evaluated more than 13, ...Read More.
Carestream NDT Executive Honored by British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing Posted: Marty Graen to Receive 2019 Anne Birt Award for Contributions to Commercial Imaging ROCHESTER, N.Y., Sept. 9 — Carestream NDT’s Marty Graen will be honored with the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing’s Anne Birt Award for 2019 on September 16. The annual award recognizes contributions to technology innovation, technology transfer or technology strategy in the field of non-destructive testing (NDT). Mr. Graen, Global General Manager for Carestream NDT, will be acknowledged for his ongoing con ...Read More.
Sonotec Introduces High Temperature Thickness Gauge Kit Posted: SONOTEC® GmbH launches new kit for high temperature corrosion tests A large number of ultrasonic wall thickness measurements are performed on hot test objects. This includes especially hot pipes in oil, gas and chemical industrial plants. The SONOWALL 70 High Temperature Corrosion Kit enables manual high temperature corrosion inspections during plant operation up to 550°C. By using the complete kit, plant availability and productivity can be improved significantly. The kit consists of a high temperat ...Read More.
Rosen Group Experience Applied to Hydrogen Pipelines Posted: With more than 30 years of experience in pipeline integrity management, the ROSEN Group is investing in a new challenge to support operators in the transition towards a low-carbon future. The company has been developing a holistic approach for managing the integrity of hydrogen pipelines. This approach can be applied to the conversion of existing natural gas pipeline grids to hydrogen, or used to new build networks. Hydrogen is a reliable and efficient energy source that will contribute to the increasing ...Read More.
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