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Evident Ultrasonic Inspection Equipment
St. Louis, MO Missouri, United States
EPIC is a St. Louis based engineering & fabrication company providing pilot plant & production scale modular process plants & systems. Combine your process technology with EPIC’s modular process design/ build approach. We average 24% savings over traditional construction. We maximize speed of delivery while minimizing downtime with off-site parallel fabrication of process systems and on-site facilities preparation. Your modular process skids arrive fully assembled and tested with all utility systems pre-installed.EPIC’s process engineers collaborate with industrial and sanitary/ hygienic ma
Loveland, CO Colorado, United States
Rugged, Reliable, Portable X-ray Solutions for NDT Users Worldwide.Logos Imaging is a US-based manufacturer of innovative and cost-effective portable X-ray systems designed to meet the NDT worlds requirements. Built to endure rigorous field conditions, our digital radiography systems provide a complete solution for acquiring and analyzing X-ray images whether you are in the comfort of your lab or out in the most extreme and demanding environments. The Logos Imaging multi-platform software and hardware interface delivers seamless integration to a wide variety of portable X-ray imaging devices o
Trinity NDT WeldSolutions is a dedicated division of Trinity NDT, focusing on delivering comprehensive and advanced solutions in the realm of welding. Specializing in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) for welded components, Trinity NDT WeldSolutions plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and reliability of welds across diverse industries. With a focus on quality, safety, and compliance, Trinity NDT WeldSolutions offers a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of clients. This includes advanced NDT techniques such as Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Radiographic Testing (RT), Magn
Winnipeg, MB Manitoba, Canada
Weld inspection - NDT & Radiography VT MT PT UT PAUT RT API 510 570 653 Equipment Certifications
Cincinnati, OH Ohio, United States
Join us for an opportunity to interact with users and thought leaders across the radiography industry solving the biggest challenges! We are energized by technology and excited to share that energy with you at our X-Ray, CT and Digital Forum 2022 powered by Waygate Technologies with the unveiling of our latest investment. We are constantly invigorated by the innovations of our customers and partners, challenging us to continue to push radiography technology forward to meet the everchanging demands. We look forward to continuing this event as an opportunity to learn from each other and co
Auburn, WA Washington, United States
Criterion NDT serves the quality inspection needs of metal component manufacturers around the globe with our purpose built CR-11 and ST-11® instrumentation coupled with standard or custom application specific sensors. Criterion NDT products provide the necessary quality testing after cutting, forming and heat treatment processing to verify the material structure (case depth, pattern and hardness) of metal components in addition to thread quality testing, crack and flaw detection as well as feature and alloy verification for every manufactured part. We offer a variety of solutions using the si
Liverpool, NY New York, United States
Echelon Supply and Service is a high quality assembler and supplier of industrial and hydraulic hoses and hose accessories. We have grown to service a broad variety of national customers including the automotive, marine, petroleum, dairy, construction, and defense industries. Our customers also include paper manufacturers, steel mills, and chemical companies and more. Echelon also services the needs of the United States Armed Forces, NATO, and various Foreign Military Services throughout the world. We provide all types of OEM spare parts, accessories and components used in Aerospace, Groun
Wixom, MI Michigan, United States
High pressure water jet equipment and accessories.Water Jetting, Waterblasting, High Pressure Pumps, Equipment Join our e-mail list! Subscribe Unsubscribe Welcome to the NLB website! If you need to solve a tough product removal or surface prep challenge, you're in the right place. Here you can browse through the industry's broadest range of high-pressure water jet pumps and accessories (for sale or rent), or use our interactive selector guide to find the best unit for your job. Lots of helpful application information is only a click away. You'll find photos and specs, plus videos of high-press
Norristown, PA Pennsylvania, United States
InSource is a proven name for high quality technology and professional staffing solutions across the United States. Whatever be your business size and requirements, you can rely on our years of expertise. With over a decade of experience, we have been known for surpassing the expectations of our customers. We are being featured among the top computer Consultants in Philadelphia. We have the agility that will enable you to gain required stability and reliability for your business. We implement technology and practices in such a way so as to keep corporate and customer details secure. Service
Texas City, TX Texas, United States
Providing pipeline integrity support to clientele utilizing highly qualified integrity specialists certified in NDT Level II, NDT Level III, AWS CWI, etc
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