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Fort Worth, TX Texas, United States
Founded in 1995, Texas Alloys and Tool Co. was established with the concept that service is our primary product. Since then we have built our reputation and our business by providing quality, timely service in meeting the materials needs of customers throughout Texas. Specializing in stainless steel, aluminum and carbon alloy products, we have distinguished ourselves as a supplier that can be relied upon. We also offer specialty metal products such as standard and flattened expanded metal. Contact Texas Alloys and Tool Co. today to learn more about how we can meet the needs of your company
Houston, TX Texas, United States
For more than 50 years, Reef Industries has been manufacturing and fabricating reinforced film laminates and composites. Our expertise in producing quality, custom configured final products ensures our customers’ needs are always met in a timely and professional manner. We offer a wide range of products, material grades, additives and fabrication capabilities to meet or exceed your requirements. Impulse, wedge or hot air welding is utilized to optimize the fabrication technique that is best suited to produce your uniquely configured and fabricated product. Griffolyn®, founded in 1957, is
Houston, TX Texas, United States
Purgex™ Purging Compounds are a group of top quality, high value, competitively priced commercial purging compounds. Purgex has been used worldwide on injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding applications. These products have mechanical activity for effective cleaning plus foaming action for enhanced mixing and a lubricant for easy removal from the machine. Purgex grades are comprised of active ingredients with a resin carrier and are engineered to clean thoroughly and quickly to maximize color/resin change turnaround and reduce scrap. Most grades are designed for versatility an
Houston, TX Texas, United States
Polyhedron Laboratories is known worldwide as a plastics (i.e: polypropylene & polyethylene), polymer, rubber analysis, testing and research laboratory. Polyhedron has serviced all major industries from the automotive industry through the alphabet to the wire coating industry, from small manufacturing plants to Fortune 500 companies. All analyses, testing and research are done in-house. Founded in 1973 by a Ph.D. polymer chemist, the laboratory is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Polyhedron Laboratories is committed to the concept that change is natural and expected. We therefore strive to
Houston, TX Texas, United States
Plasteco, founded in 1956 in Houston, Texas, is a leading manufacturer of architectural, commercial and industrial skylights, heat and smoke vents and skylight fall protection. At Plasteco, we make everything from skylight domes for existing skylights damaged during storms to custom units for new and retrofit applications. For skylight and safety needs, your one-stop source is Plasteco — where form follows function.
Elk Grove Village, IL Illinois, United States
SealWerks is a provider of Radio Frequency Welding and Heat Sealing services used in the fabrication of a variety of flexible products. RF welding and heat sealing are used to manufacture containment, inflation and protection products, and at SealWerks, we are dedicated to help you to determine the best fabrication solution for your product.
Irvine, CA California, United States
We deliver improved sealing performance solutions for our customer’s products. PSI’s expertise in polymer materials, mechanical seal design and over 150 years of sealing system applications experience allows us to provide a sealing solution recommendation. This expertise combined with working closely with the customer’s engineering team allows us to develop a robust sealing system and break through sealing system performance for your products.
Webster, TX Texas, United States
At Custom Advanced Connections, we pride ourselves on providing high quality screens and separating products at competitive prices. We manufacture replacement screens that fit OEM products.
Naples, FL Florida, United States
Based in Naples, Florida, Pelican Wire is an employee-owned manufacturer of a wide array of Resistance Wire, Thermocouple Wire and custom wire solutions. Our team of design engineers work directly with customers & end-users to design and manufacture application-specific wire solutions. With specialized experience in fine-gauge wire, ranging from 12-50 AWG, our team works with a full roster of alloys and insulation materials to ensure a complete solution. Pelican Wire designs and manufactures both Insulated & Bare wire, as well as Stranded & Solid wire, such as: Thermocouple Wire |
Cape Town South Africa
Oxbow SA is a Cape Town based reputed South African company that specialises in assisting several office areas with their products and services. They have been serving their clients for nearly 15 years and offer a vast range of services including Xerox automation, telecommunication, managed print service, and many more.
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