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UT - Ultrasonic Testing


11/4/1998 12:29:04 PM

Date Topic Posts
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8/7/2001 03:59   Wear measurement of concentric shells... - I was wondering if anyone could help me regar...Read More 1
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5/4/2001 15:30   minimum center frequency - 0.01"(d) holes at 1.5"(depth) of a Graphite Epoxy part, imme...Read More 1
3/14/2001 09:12   Looking for UT Procedure - I'm looking for a Ut procedure for testing 14" dia. bar stock...Read More 2
2/27/2001 00:14   level 3 course - ...Read More 4
12/8/2000 22:14   id creeper wave - I have had brief encounters with a transducer that produces an "ID cre...Read More 4
11/2/2000 05:49   UT of Long Bolts - Does anyone know where to locate a standard or specification for ultr...Read More 4
10/30/2000 10:22   signal evaluation - Which methods (statistical or mathematical) you use for evaluation s...Read More 1
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1/22/2000 07:55   Etch Inspection Methods - Am interested in any data, discussions and or training availab...Read More 1
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7/23/1999 16:40   ultrasonic - how do i become a certified suer in ultrasonic and mag particle and what is...Read More 3
11/23/1998 22:18   Ultrasonic Testing - 1:1 aspect ratio data acquisition c-scans available with new test e...Read More 1

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