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GE CRxFlex Computed Radiography Scanner
Company: GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies
The CRx Flex industrial computed radiography scanner from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies combines flexibility, reliability, dynamic range and ease-of-use.

Designed specifically for applications in non-destructive testing, the CRx Flex is suitable for usage with both isotopes and X-ray sources.

It is well suited for a broad range of applications in the aerospace, oil & gas, power generation and automotive industries.
Designed for versatility, flexibility and reliability, the CRxFlex can be handcarried to inspection sites. It also offers speed and efficiency as there’s no waiting between plates, you can feed the next one in while the previous plate is still being scanned. * Excellent image quality due to the optimized optics and variable scan resolution * Maximum on-site flexibility: no need for cassettes * Process several plates simultaneously, creating a separate image for each plate * Flexible size of plates up to 35 x 43 cm (14 x 17 inches) * Utilizes phosphor imaging plates designed exclusively for harsh NDT environments * Integrates with GE Rhythm software allowing for advanced image review tools and data management.
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