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ElectroPhysics HotShot HD-XT Infrared Camera
Company: ElectroPhysics Corp.
HotShot HD is the professional grade infrared camera without the sticker shock. HotShot HD-XT can be used to measure the temperature of objects up to 500°C, and features design innovations that make infrared inspections faster, and diagnoses more accurate while ensuring increased operator safety. Stunning 640x480 infrared details combined with an integrated high quality mega-pixel visible camera greatly improves image interpretation and the quality of infrared inspection reports. In addition, the HD-XT includes a unique laser highlighting system that matches the thermal image, image fusion, routing capabilities to map areas requiring scans, and a touch screen for easy data entry. HotShot HD is simply the best value on the market today.

You've got items to inspect in your plant, like rotating equipment, electrical equipment and other critical production assets. You need to inspect them on a routine basis to check for thermal conditions that may predict potential problems that could result in costly downtime.

HotShot makes your job easy. Simply create a list of inspection points (or export the list from your CMMS database) and upload it to your camera. Now, HotShot knows where you're going! HotShot will take you through your list of inspection points where you can capture infrared and visible images. HotShot prompts you with suggestions for diagnoses and recommendations that are customized for the equipment-type at each location.

When you're done, automatically print reports with IR and visible images, location, equipment type, diagnoses and recommendations!
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